Music and Story

There are two things that have been constants in my life – constant loves, constant companions, constant passions that set my heart aflame.  The written word and music.  Even before I learned to read and read well, stories have drawn me.  So I guess it isn’t just the written word.  It’s words, strung together to build worlds and people them with characters that I want to spend time with.  And there has always been both within me.  My Granny tells me of when I was no more than a toddler. Continue reading


So I have a goal for myself – 300 posts by our 3rd anniversary.  It’s actually not too hard to do, just an average of 3 posts a week between now and then.  I can do this!  It’s just…you know…doing it.  ^_^  I’ve been working on a Spiritual Saturday post for the last nearly week.  It’ll go out next Saturday, we’ll just all pretend that I didn’t totally fail to get it out, shall we?

Do you see what time I’m awake?  It’s 6:00am here.  No, I’m not up this early, I’m up this late.  Because I’m sleeping for a handful of hours in the afternoon/evening.  I was actually on a decent schedule there for a bit, but it got all jacked.  It’s what happens when Joshwa goes from nights to days and back again.  The thing I’m looking forward to about Joshwa getting higher up in management (other than the better pay, obviously) is getting a settled schedule.  Maybe if he can get on a settled schedule, his schedule will have less negative effect on my sleep cycles.  Maybe.

So, I’m working on being around more.  Kicking myself in the butt.  ^_^  Now, I’m thinking I’m going to crawl into bed and try to go to sleep.  It’s so nice and chilly at night!  Totally worth trying to sleep just to cuddle down beneath the covers with my hubby, the chill nipping just outside.  Happy autumn. ^_^


Two Years!

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, Spiral Charmed Life!  My dear blog turned two yesterday and I completely spaced!  In the last two years, this blog has changed dramatically from just a place for me to gripe and moan about the things in my life so I didn’t drive my husband insane into a place for me to explore my faith and share it with others out there who may be wondering in the same direction that I am. Continue reading

I’m sorry, dear readers

For a while, I was doing so well – giving my dear internet-crawlers something to fill their time.  But over the last months, I’ve dropped off to near nothing.  I do greatly apologize.  First there was my miscarriage, and then there was NaNoWriMo, so I’ve neglected my lovely blog and my lovelier readers for far too long.  I will do my best by remedying this fact now.  So I’ll start with an update. Continue reading

For the love…

Of words, that is.  Yes, you may have seen the new link in my menu bar there at the top.  It’s my new (secondary) blog.  I’m writing and hoping that allowing my friends to give their 2¢ will push me to keep writing, even when I hit a dry spell – which is usually the death of my writings.  It is private, because I’d be really pissed if someone stole my work. Continue reading

Google +

Yes, that’s right, I’m now on Google+!  I finally got tired of FB enough to want to look elsewhere and jumped on the opportunity to join G+.  Granted, at the moment, things are rather thin, but I’m hoping to meet new people on there fairly quickly (I mean, everyone I know is on FB, so it’s not like I’m looking for my family).  But, if any of you fine readers are on G+, look me up add me to a circle, and I’ll add you back.  Granted, at the moment my page is nearly bare – since I only began using G+ yesterday with the most recent “upgrades” to FB. Continue reading

Having a blue day…

So as I sit here at the house, trying to write, trying to focus on something, I realize that I’m having a blue day.  I’m not depressed – I’ve been there and I recognize what that feels like – just a little blue.  Maybe it’s the weather – a little gray, cool again, and a dreary Saturday, though it’s only our Thursday.  I’m just a little melancholy.  I miss my friends, I miss my family. Continue reading

Oy, vey

So, it’s been a long couple of days.  It’s an ugly situation and I’m not thrilled to be part of it, but then, neither are my friends.  They have problems and I’m helping them with it.  It’s their business, so I won’t give you all the details.  Suffice to say that the last couple of days have been uncomfortable at best and aggravating at worst.  Yes, it sucks, and yes, I wish I didn’t have to be a part of it. Continue reading