Too Many Words for Wordless Wednesday

So, it’s Wordless Wednesday…and this is a blog, not a video.  And the thing is, I’ve got video – we went out on Sunday and I got some great video!  But I’ve sat down to edit the video together twice.  And I just can’t do it.  I know my videos aren’t perfect, but I put a lot of effort into cutting them together into something that I’m proud to put out there for you guys.  And I just can’t do it today.  It’s not coming together in a way that doesn’t make me look at it in great disgust and wish it was a painting so that I could rip the canvas from its frame and throw it on the ground in a wonderfully dramatic snit. Continue reading

Comedy of Errors

So, today’s ride started off as a comedy of errors – and by comedy I mean black comedy, the kind that isn’t so much funny as painful.  We went out and it looked like the rain had blown over.  As you can see from the pics I posted before we left, it was still overcast, but we were seeing patches of blue sky.  So we headed down 10 to get to 22 so I could get some shots of the overlooks we discovered the other day.  Well, we didn’t even get very far out of town before I looked down and Continue reading