So, we didn’t get to go to my mother-in-law’s wedding.  WE couldn’t get our rental car (who’s ever heard of a $200 deposit for a freaking $45 rental?!) and before we could drive to Huntsville – because we drove circles around freaking downtown Birmingham….but we won’t talk about that – our truck overheated.  😦  Thankfully we were on our way to Alabaster (rather than halfway there) when it happened.  But that means we’re missing the wedding.  Granted, we had discussed not going because of the family drama that’s been going on. Continue reading

Almost forgot – Pictures!

I finally broke down and spent all day figuring it out – and now I’ve got a photo album!  Or would that be multiple albums?  Anyway, you can find it under my About Me section – I’ve actually split it off so there’s a separate page for my profile and for the photo albums.  I’m still thinking of playing around with the look of it Continue reading