Gosh, I’m kinda boring

Well, at least after all the ups and downs of the last year and a half.  Am I complaining?  Nope.  But I’m sure it’s not much fun for my readers.  I do have some news for you guys.  We probably won’t be moving before June at the earliest.  😦  Yeah, we were both shocked and neither of us very thrilled by it. Continue reading

In the nick of time…

We got a tax refund!  It was only $347 (of $1,363), but, hey, we got something!  We were able to pay off our t-mobile enough to get moved to Wal-Mart’s Family Mobile (we spend $70 a month for completely unlimited as opposed to $90 for 750 shared minutes!) and buy Joshwa a new phone.  So now he has a phone like mine and we’ll only pay around $63 a month with Joshwa’s discount card! Continue reading

Things are better

So, I’m doing better.  I still have moments, and I will for a while, but I’m better.  I’m also feeling better about our situation financially.  We’ve paid this months rent, our debt with Chase is paid in full (though we hadn’t wanted it to be!), we’ve started payment to Windham for Josh’s student loan, so they won’t take it straight from his check (a huge relief), and we’re moving along nicely.  He’ll get paid again in two weeks, and we can pay on our other bills (including getting the internet turn on!!!  woot!). Continue reading