The year is winding down

The official start of fall is a little more than a week away and we can use the relief.  We only had a few weeks with temps in the 90s this year – and that’s a relief from back home where there were several weeks of temps above 100.  Have I mentioned that there is no way I’m moving further south ever again?  Anyway, importantly, the cooling trend has begun here with us expecting our first day with highs in the 70s this weekend.  Can you hear my relief?  Because it’s there.  And with the end of summer come the end of the year and Samhain. Continue reading

Spiritual Saturday

Samhain was this past Wednesday and it was a lovely evening.  We cooked and set aside a plate for our ancestors and we feasted.  We drank a little more than we normally do (which isn’t saying a lot, we don’t drink much) and it was a festive mood, even if it was only the two of us.  We talked about family who have passed, telling stories and laughing.  It was nice. Continue reading

Blessed Samhain!

It’s Samhain night and we have a drunken chicken on the grill (filled with Sam Adams Boston Larger) with an acorn squash.  We’ve got candy in case we get trick-or-treaters, but I’m not expecting them since we didn’t get any last year.  We’ll have a plate for the ancestors when we sit to eat.

Tonight this blog is dedicated to my Gods and my ancestors – familial and spiritual.


Happy Halloween & Blessed Samhain!

Okay, so it’s a little early here for Samhain as the sun is still up – and I’m one of those who celebrates from sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow night – but I figured I’d post now since I’m in between things.  I’ve carved up our pumpkin and named him Fred and I’ve got pumpkin seeds drying out in the kitchen before I roast them.  I’ve got pumpkin meat in the fridge until I’m ready to do something with it.  I’m planning on making my first pumpkin pie, but may wait until tomorrow when I’ve got Joshwa home to try it.  We have another pumpkin, but I got so tired carving the first one, I figure we’ll just cut the second in half, scoop it, and roast it whole since I’ve been told that it’s easier to get the meat out that way. Continue reading