Sunshine in my soul – on blooming

I missed a pretty huge anniversary for myself last week.  One that I’m really proud of, actually.  Two years since the last time I smoked a cigarette.  Two years.  This is a huge milestone for me because this is the point, last time, where I completely failed and gave up pretending that I had quit.  I’ve done what I once feared I’d never be able to accomplish and I’m so proud of that.  I’m a bad ass. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, SCL!!

It’s so hard to believe, but as of today, I’ve been blogging for four years!  Okay, well, my blog is four years old.  I really took about a year off from blogging all together.  But still.  I’ve been trying to figure out what I would do for my birthday post, especially since it’s also Monday and I had a Musical Monday post.  Finally I figured I’d take a look back at the last four years – where I was then and where I am now.  Yes, kind of like I did at New Years.  Shuddup. ;-P Continue reading

Three weeks and a prayer request

So, to start – I’ve made it three weeks without a cigarette!  I’m so proud of myself!  And I have let myself be in tough situations where I knew that the only person that would stop me from smoking is ME.  And I made it.  I had a moment where I almost slipped, where I almost asked for one.  I walked over to Becca’s house and I was feeling good, even a little proud of myself, and the words almost fell out of my mouth before I caught myself.  It was a celebration, after all, and I was on my period to boot.  Addiction is a tricky thing.  And I don’t think enough people appreciate that nicotine addiction is a real addiction – especially those who are addicts. Continue reading

Middle of the night philosophy

So it’s currently 4 am and I’m sitting here doing one of the most dangerous things for me – I’m blog hopping!  I’ve stumbled across an unschooling blog and several pretty awesome small farm blogs.  Which of course, led me to try to find MORE.  Because once I go down that rabbit hole, I can’t seem to WANT to come back up again!  I love reading about people who are managing to do the things I want to do.  I know what you’re thinking, now Lea….but hear me out. Continue reading

I owe you an update!

So, now that it’s almost a month later, it’s about time I updated you on our trip to Mississippi!  We took the usually 4 hour trip to my hometown last month on the scooter.  And it was a long. freaking. trip.  And once we hit Mississippi, it was freaking HOT.  But then again, it was only October in Mississippi.  We were exhausted after 7 hours on the road.  But we learned that it isn’t too bad on the interstate on the scooter.  Okay, sometimes it was, but not for the most part.  But it’s definitely not four wheels. Continue reading

Getting back to basics

So, I know, dear readers, you’ve probably decided I’m never coming back.  And for that I am sorry.  But a realization occurred to me the other day.  I started this blog because I was striving to live a better, healthier life.  I was trying to be a better person – not better than anyone else, but better than I had been before.  And I fell into a hole.  I started smoking again.  And I felt guilty. Continue reading

100th Post! Happy Handfasting Anniversary!

So, I’m finally writing my 100th post.  WOW!  It’s awesome, and yet it shows how lax I’ve been over the last year that it’s taken me 14 months to get to post 100.  But I’m here and still going as strong as ever.  Now, I could have written this any time over the past several days, but I just couldn’t think of anything profound enough for my 100th post.  So, I figured a recap of the past year and a our plan for the next year.  Not exactly profound, but it was the best idea I could come up with and since I apparently completely spaced on writing about my blog’s one year anniversary (April 28th), now seems as good as then.  ^__^ Continue reading