Guh, to be a girl…

Sorry I haven’t been around, guys.  I’ve been doing some writing getting ready for NaNoWriMo which starts November 1st.  I’ve also been moping with girl problems (hence the title).  It gets better, it gets worse, and I just get tired.  It doesn’t help that last paycheck (a week ago last Thursday) we had to spend $300 on breaks when we were expecting more like $100 Continue reading

Limbo – and I don’t mean the dance

So I’m still waiting to go to the doctor.  I was supposed to call today to set up an appointment.  I still haven’t gotten my period (yes, I am now seven weeks late) and haven’t gotten a positive pregnancy test.  Joshwa is gonna pick up some more of the tests tomorrow – I haven’t taken one in two weeks.  It’s been rough, and I’ve been sick – but whether it’s pregnancy symptoms or just this is how my body is handling sickness now that I eat healthy and no longer smoke. Continue reading