Choosing Peace

So I have to admit something.  I’m not a huge follower of current events within the larger Pagan community.  I don’t regularly read blogs.  I have a few that I enjoy and I follow them when I remember to read them.  But I don’t have a finger on the pulse of our community.  I have my own small community, mostly online, that is so very important to me, and we are a diverse group of ladies who came together around five years ago and have created a small community of supportive, loving women.  THAT is my community.  And when I say diverse, I mean it.  I am a hard polytheist who pursues relationships with five Deities and a few Divine Heroes.  Another lady is a Wiccan priestess.  Another?  She previous defined herself as a pantheist or a panetheist, but now mostly just calls herself an Atheist Pagan. Continue reading

Difference between faith and pure academics (mild rant)

Since I was called to seek my other Gods, I have spent a lot of time in study lately – well, mostly in search of something to study.  The problem with being drawn to a less popular faith is that there seems to be so little information out there about what others have gleaned from the stories and writings that are central to Irish Polytheism and ways their paths have developed. Continue reading

Blessed Solstice and Merry Yule!

Okay, so most of my Pagan friends actually celebrated yesterday, as the 21st is usually when the solstice falls, but this year it falls on the 22nd.  So, tonight the sun will go down and our apartment will go dark (no, the woods aren’t close enough that I see a red-bearded giant walking out) and I will sit and reflect before lighting a candle and leaving it burning in our window. Continue reading

Oh, wow…

So, growing up I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by cousins.  And I’m even more lucky in the fact that two of my cousins are my age (one is 6 months older, the other only 2) and one is a year younger.  As we’ve grown up, the cousins on the one side and I just grew apart for various reasons. And on the other side, we never saw each other because my uncle, their father, was a preacher who always had to move and he took them to the other end of the state when we were still pretty young. Continue reading