Spiritual Saturday

Recently I was sitting with my best friend and we were having a discussion that led to her speaking about her beliefs.  And they sounded so very familiar – something I used to believe, or at least used to espouse believing because it was what I thought I was supposed to say.  But since Manannan, Brighid, and Lir have come into my life, my outlook on the Gods and the nature of Godhead has changed so drastically. Continue reading

Choosing Peace

So I have to admit something.  I’m not a huge follower of current events within the larger Pagan community.  I don’t regularly read blogs.  I have a few that I enjoy and I follow them when I remember to read them.  But I don’t have a finger on the pulse of our community.  I have my own small community, mostly online, that is so very important to me, and we are a diverse group of ladies who came together around five years ago and have created a small community of supportive, loving women.  THAT is my community.  And when I say diverse, I mean it.  I am a hard polytheist who pursues relationships with five Deities and a few Divine Heroes.  Another lady is a Wiccan priestess.  Another?  She previous defined herself as a pantheist or a panetheist, but now mostly just calls herself an Atheist Pagan. Continue reading

Musings on darkness and light

I like the darkness

Once I disparaged the darkness.  Part was childish fear of things unknown, while part was the holding from my Christian past that taught that good was light and evil was dark.  I wanted so much to be a part of the good and the light, and yet I always felt as if I walked in twilight, that cool grey that slipped between warm light and cold dark.  And when I let my spirit roam, I slipped into each of those worlds and learned the secrets to be had there.  I still reveled in the light, the shining brightness and explosion of color that could be found there.  But I also learn to slip silently into dark places to appreciate their beauty and silently hear their tales. Continue reading

Spiritual Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Spiritual Saturday post, but there was a conversation recently in one of the Facebook communities I’m a member of that prompted me to put my own thoughts together.  The question was asked (after a rather snarky post by several other members in relation) if we believed that the Gods reached out and actively sought relationships with humans.  The general consensus within that community was that the Gods do not seek out relationships with humans and couldn’t care less if humans sought them out. Continue reading

The year is winding down

The official start of fall is a little more than a week away and we can use the relief.  We only had a few weeks with temps in the 90s this year – and that’s a relief from back home where there were several weeks of temps above 100.  Have I mentioned that there is no way I’m moving further south ever again?  Anyway, importantly, the cooling trend has begun here with us expecting our first day with highs in the 70s this weekend.  Can you hear my relief?  Because it’s there.  And with the end of summer come the end of the year and Samhain. Continue reading

On shards, avatars, emanations, Other-selves, and not-twins

I don’t talk about the really woo-woo stuff often. In part because I have several readers who are part of my real life asks these are concepts that would, at best, confuse. Sure worst, they might have deep concerns for my sanity. But I am part of a world that is so much more than the narrow realizations of this realm, and thus is a beautiful explanation of another’s view of this larger world.


On shards, avatars, emanations, Other-selves, and not-twins.

Happy Cú Chulainn Day!

I cannot take credit for the idea of this idea.  Thanks to at The Wild Hunt for his post about the reality of St. Patrick from 2012.  Today was the first time I’d read his piece, but it struck a chord with me.  It started with a discussion (read, mild argument) in one of the Facebook groups I’m in about the nature of Deity, which evolved into a discussion of what hero and ancestor worship entails, and eventually left me to realize that, though I am grateful for the information that bunch shares with me, I am so glad that I’m not trying to shape myself to their ideal of what faith practice should be! Continue reading

Be welcomed, Spring!

March is one of my favorite months of the year.  It is the month my husband and I were married, it is the month when our youngest niece, my brother’s child, was born (she turns one on Wednesday!) and it is, now the month when my little sister was handfasted to the man that she plans on spending the rest of her life with.  On Saturday – yes, Pi Day, because she’s awesomely geek – she and her fiance were handfasted at Paul B Johnson State Park in Hattiesburg, MS. Continue reading

Spiritual Saturday

Hello, lovelies, and welcome to the first post of 2015.  I’ve spent much of the last  four months (five months?) not doing anything around here, or around my house to be honest.  But I’m ready for that to end.  And it seems an auspicious time to begin.  You see, tomorrow is Imbolc, the holy day of my Goddess, Brighid, and the beginning of our movement into spring.  It isn’t the time of first planting – though we’ve had some beautiful weather this past week that has been teasing me with hints of a beautiful spring far too early. Continue reading