Choosing Peace

So I have to admit something.  I’m not a huge follower of current events within the larger Pagan community.  I don’t regularly read blogs.  I have a few that I enjoy and I follow them when I remember to read them.  But I don’t have a finger on the pulse of our community.  I have my own small community, mostly online, that is so very important to me, and we are a diverse group of ladies who came together around five years ago and have created a small community of supportive, loving women.  THAT is my community.  And when I say diverse, I mean it.  I am a hard polytheist who pursues relationships with five Deities and a few Divine Heroes.  Another lady is a Wiccan priestess.  Another?  She previous defined herself as a pantheist or a panetheist, but now mostly just calls herself an Atheist Pagan. Continue reading


Be ever welcomed in love and joy



You might have noticed this on the new front page of my blog.  But glancing back I couldn’t see where I’d talked about this.  If I have, then feel free to disregard this.  If not, then let me explain. Continue reading

Do you know how blessed you are?

I do.  I forget sometimes, when stress hits me and I am swamped under.  But then, some days, I get a beautiful reminder.  Like today.  My Momma was, once again, a lifesaver for Sir Joshimus and I.  You see, Buttercup had a flat.  AFTER we had spent all of our money on shopping and other maintenance for our two-wheeled honey.  And I had a meltdown.  It happens.  I spent a lot of time praying for strength and courage. Continue reading

The expansion of our Pagan community

I remember when I first joined the Pagan community when I was 18 years old – after four years of blundering through it on my own (after a very brief foray into asking questions which left me feeling as if my lack of knowledge was the biggest sin in our community).  I remember that I met some really amazing people in the community in Hattiesburg – some of which I’m still, at least partly, connected to online – and I was welcomed with open arms.  The first Pagans I met in real life were at the Circle of the Green Fairy in Petal (closed now) – Tracy and Jason.  I came in and I was so scared, not talking to anyone and just looking around.  I imagine I was a little wide-eyed, but they started talking to me and really made me feel welcome.  Over the next few years, The Fairy was a critical part of my life – holidays and fairs and classes.  I miss those people and those times greatly. Continue reading