Pushing forward when life pushes you back

Over the last four years – though some would say as many as six – every time we’ve been on the verge of moving forward, we’ve been pushed back.  What was hopefully only going to be a couple of years has turned into five.  And now, that we are on the brink of leaving once more, it’s turned into six.  And for a few days, it was like a brick through a glass wall – I crumbled. Continue reading

Home and back again

Last Friday, Sir Joshimus and I rented a car and drove to North Carolina.  We spent the weekend with our cousin and her kids and it was fantastic.  We got to meet her new squeeze, and then float down the river – something I haven’t done in years.  We spent time with her oldest son – he was a boy the last time I saw him and, while he’s still got some growing up to do, he’s a man now.  And one that I like almost as much as the little boy I first knew.   And I absolutely ADORE his girlfriend – who is possibly too good for him, but I’m glad she doesn’t think so.  The weekend was amazing and exactly what I needed. Continue reading

Weekend’s almost over…

And the hubs is doing his bathroom thing. ^__^  I’ve got a minute to get on here before he demands my undivided attention again.  I like being in love.  We’ve had a really good day.  Hubs had his final follow-up appointment from when he broke his wrist before Christmas.  The doctor – who has been wonderful to both of us this whole time – says that hubs is getting more movement back. Continue reading

Ugh…car problems…

First off, let me say that I absolutely love my 2000 Jimmy.  She’s black with gray leather interior, automatic everything and a sunroof.  She so perfectly matches my personality that the minute I got into her, I knew we were a match made in heaven.  I’ve had her for five years (got her in 2005) and she’s been with me through moving out of my parents’ house for the first time to meeting my husband and making the 30 min trips each way to visit each other, then to visit his family when we moved in together. Continue reading