Insomnia and a facelift

So, I got tired of the way the blog was looking.  I didn’t mind the background color, but I think I was just tired of the frilly girly stuff, and seeing the theme used by others (pregnant cousin – sis-in-law to new-mother cousin; and another friend who just started blogging).  That, and I’ve branded myself.  So what better way to celebrate SCL’s new image (and check out the image next to your address bar/on your tab) than a new theme? Continue reading

Sad day

So, I had a sad day today.  No idea why, just felt sad all day.  I’ve had days like this before.  But never one where I couldn’t find something in particular that was making me sad.  I’ve thought about it all day, and can’t put my finger on any one thing.  Oh, I got mad at the hubs about something, but that was this afternoon, and the sad was all day. Continue reading