♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

This Memorial Day, I honor the one soldier that I knew and loved the best, my Granddaddy, James Luther.  He didn’t die at war.  He didn’t give the ultimate sacrifice. And he’s been gone nearly 15 years. But he is who I remember and today he is who I honor.

“Some Gave All” by Billy Ray Cyrus

♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“Fast Cars and Freedom” by Rascal Flatts

Today I was going to share mine and Sir Joshimus’s current obsession song, but as he was getting ready for work, he turned and looked at me and told me, “You don’t look a day over fast cars and freedom.”  So, through tears of love, I had to go listen to this song and decided to share it with y’all today.  I’ll go ahead and set up the other one for next week for you guys.


♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“Misty Mountain Cold” from The Hobbit

When The Lord of the Rings came out, I was actually not familiar with it so I learned the story through the movies first, and then through the books.  I had read The Hobbit and loved the story of Bilbo Baggins, so the story of his nephew, Frodo, was easy for me to get excited about.  But The Hobbit was always my favorite story.


Spiritual Saturday

One of the first things that turned me towards modern Pagan traditions is belief in and a relationship with fairies and other types of fae.  I’ve had contact with the fae my entire life – seeing them easily despite the guise of bugs and small birds that they may wear; hearing their music beneath the rustle of wind-blown leaves.  My young heart and mind never considered the fact that these magical beings did not exist – the same as I never considered that magic did not exist.  So when I began exploring, I spent time following the fairy tales.   Not Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, the tales about fairies.  And, under the tutelage of first Danu, and then an’Dagda, the fairy stories led me to Irish myth cycles, and – eventually – my current faith.
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