Trying not to get excited

So I’ve done pretty well lately not getting my hopes up every month.  Which is a good thing, since I’ve been like clockwork (though last month it took three days of spotting, which meant my period was a full seven days – which cut into my 4th of July plans!).  But I should have started on Friday (33 days).  Granted, I’ve got the rest of today (I’ve had 35 day cycles) before I can officially say I’m late. Continue reading

Happy birthday, baby…

Today, my precious nephew turned 11.  😦  And worse, I haven’t seen him since February.  I miss him like crazy!  He’s such a goofy, awesome kid.  I wish so much for him – so much more than what his parents will insist for and from him – but there is nothing about who he is I would change.  I know that to talk to him I have to be the bigger person and call my sister, but I don’t want to.  She lied to our Daddy, which means she has probably lied to our Granny, too.  And that pisses me off.  I bent over backwards to make us living with them easier, did everything she asked, and this is her response?! Continue reading


So, we didn’t get to go to my mother-in-law’s wedding.  WE couldn’t get our rental car (who’s ever heard of a $200 deposit for a freaking $45 rental?!) and before we could drive to Huntsville – because we drove circles around freaking downtown Birmingham….but we won’t talk about that – our truck overheated.  😦  Thankfully we were on our way to Alabaster (rather than halfway there) when it happened.  But that means we’re missing the wedding.  Granted, we had discussed not going because of the family drama that’s been going on. Continue reading