♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“Fast Cars and Freedom” by Rascal Flatts

Today I was going to share mine and Sir Joshimus’s current obsession song, but as he was getting ready for work, he turned and looked at me and told me, “You don’t look a day over fast cars and freedom.”  So, through tears of love, I had to go listen to this song and decided to share it with y’all today.  I’ll go ahead and set up the other one for next week for you guys.


What am I thankful for?

Right now there is a turkey in my oven, roasting itself away.  In a little while, I’m going to get started on the dressing and the first steps for the yummy dessert we’re having.  But it’s Tuesday! I hear you say. Why yes, it is.  Sir Joshimus is at work just now, but he’ll be getting off shortly.  And Thursday he works from noon to nine, so we’ll get no time together then.  But more importantly is today.  Today is a big day.  Today is a day that I’m thankful for.  Let me tell you a story. Continue reading

Coupling and independence

Sir Joshimus and I are coming up on our ten-year anniversary – can you wrap your mind around that?  TEN YEARS.  For ten years, we’ve walked hand in hand, traveled, gotten lost, and found the most beautiful thing in my life.  I’ve learned quite a bit about myself and about my husband over the last decade, but I’ve also learned a lot about people in general and couples in particular.  There are several different ways to be a couple and Sir Joshimus and I are a very distinct type – we’re “still newly weds.” Continue reading

My Momma isn’t my best friend – and that’s really okay.

I’ve always envied my little brother’s relationship with our Momma. They are so easy with one another and always have been. I’ve envied every single one of my female friends their relationships with their mothers. Because I don’t have that with my Momma. It isn’t her fault – she is absolutely amazing and always has been. Continue reading

A little joy when it’s least expected.

Hello, darlings!  And thank you to all of you who are still checking in, despite my long absence.  Soon, I’ll be back to (attempting) to post more regularly.  But tonight, I needed to share a little joy with you all that came to me unexpectedly.  If you are living in the US, you know about winter storm Octavia.  You might have also heard that this storm is threatening to dump snow in the south – an area where, I can assure you, they have no idea what to do with snow and EVERYONE freaks out. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I don’t work and it seemed like just the day for me to stop by and blog.  Thanksgiving is and has been for as long as I can remember, one of my favorite holidays.  Of course, every kid loves Christmas – who wouldn’t love presents, especially not when you’re from a family as large as mine on my mom’s side?  But Thanksgiving we were more likely to play games after eating – and playing games with my family was always fun and FUNNY.  And as I got older, I got to participate more in the games, which was even more fun.  And then nine years ago Continue reading