Confession Time

As you may have noticed if you are on my personal Facebook page or you are following us on the blog page, you might have noticed my absence this past week, not just on the blog but on social networking entirely.  I even turned my phone off for several days and retreated within myself.  It was actually a pretty hard week for me, but not for the usual reasons in a woman my age.  I’m 29 years old, for the very first time, and next year I will be turning 30, not 29 again.  I’ve never been one for shorting myself of years because, by the Gods, I have earned every year like a gold star.  It’s not my age that is a problem for me, so my birthday is not a cause for eating chocolate and drink wine while listening to mopey music.  Though the eating chocolate and drinking wine and listening to music thing sounds like something I’ve done before, quite often, just for the joy of it. Continue reading

Holy cow, six years!

Six years ago today – well, tonight – Joshwa walked into my home for the first time.  I won’t lie, it wasn’t love at first sight.  Lust, definitely – much to the consternation of the guy I was “dating” at the time – but, more importantly, we were connected at first sight.  He was a rock star.  My house was the place to be for tons of people. Continue reading

Well good and bad

Well, first thing is that I’m writing this blog from my new computer!  Woot!  Well, new to me.  It was a computer that my mom’s work no longer needed that she passed on to me.  I still need to get my hands on Windows XP (yeah, Windows 200 here, lol) and we’re going to get an external drive enclosure so we can turn the four laptop hard drives into an external. Continue reading