I meant to post yesterday…

I haven’t done an actual Spiritual Saturday in a while.  And yesterday I planned to do one, even had started working it up in my head.  And then yesterday afternoon, it all went out of my mind when our internet went out.  This has been an increasing problem with Charter (big surprise, right?) and it culminated in our internet being out until some time this morning.  I know that it was back early this morning because I was awake early this morning.  Because our air conditioner also went out last night.  It was only a million degrees and I couldn’t sleep.  So, needless to say, I didn’t get much of anything done yesterday.  Except trail mix.  YUM. Continue reading

Where I stand

I know I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I have been trying to keep Musical Mondays going, because music is one of the most divine gifts given humanity, in my opinion.  Music is and has always been one of the truest passions of my heart.  But it’s not much from me, is it?  Thing is, here lately it doesn’t feel like I’ve been doing much of anything.  Maybe it’s a case of the winter blues.  Winter isn’t the same here where we are as it was in Mississippi as a kid – where it mostly WASN’T winter.  But it’s not the chilly, snow-covered winters that I got hooked on when we were in Chicago. Continue reading

I hate hurry up and wait

I swear, sometimes it feels like my life is a series of waiting.  It’s something that I’ve been struggling with the last few years.  It seems like we’ve spent most of the last few years waiting on something.  Waiting to get pregnant, waiting to get where we’re supposed to be, waiting for things to get better.  And even with my ridiculously positive outlook, things started getting hard to deal with, emotionally.  Because I’m nearly 30 (this Sunday, I’ll be 28!), and I’m tired of waiting!  I used to be better than this.  When Joshwa and I first got together, we always lived in the moment. Continue reading

A little update…

So I “came back” from sabbatical, and yet, I haven’t really come back have I?  So, here we go.  For the last month, my best friend has been living with us.  It hasn’t been the easiest – we’re three adults and, more importantly, two women living under a rather crowded roof.  I have learned two very important things in the last month. Continue reading

Hello, darlings…

Sorry I have been MIA lately.  A shocking thing happened last week – I got sick.  Like, running a fever sick.  And that doesn’t happen.  I mean, as you’ve seen, I get the yuckies, but I very rarely run a fever.  Even my mom was like “seriously?!”  Last Wednesday, I felt the fever coming on, so I wrapped up and did what I could to break it quickly.  And then I slept.  Continue reading