Play-by-post rpg…

Help me!  So one of my most favorite past times is writing for a play-by-post rpg.  Preferably free-form (no dice, focusing on the story building) with a Gothic/paranormal theme.  For a while I was a member on a site called Surrender (I was Amaya Toibin).  There were only a handful of us who were active, but we wrote some great stories together. Continue reading

Sad day

So, I had a sad day today.  No idea why, just felt sad all day.  I’ve had days like this before.  But never one where I couldn’t find something in particular that was making me sad.  I’ve thought about it all day, and can’t put my finger on any one thing.  Oh, I got mad at the hubs about something, but that was this afternoon, and the sad was all day. Continue reading