Only my husband calls me Cupcake.

For those who don’t know about riding scooters (yeah, that was us until the purchase of our scooter, dubbed “Buttercup”), when you ride 2 up, the passenger is called either R2 or cupcake.  Yes, you read that right, cupcake.  And yours truly has now had her first real experience riding cupcake!  Joshwa and I have ridden a couple of short trips on our scooter in the last week or so since we had the maintenance done on Buttercup – around our neighborhood for our first 2 up ride, and into town a couple of times.  But no more than a few miles each time.  Today we went on a RIDE.

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Definitely in need of some prayers!

So, for the last year we’ve been a one-car-two-home family with my best friend – and more recently, her boyfriend – and it has been HARD.  Becca’s van is older and it isn’t in the best shape (though not bad considering it cost her less than $700) and with three jobs, it has had to work even harder.  We’ve put nearly 3,000 miles on it in a month and a half just making trips from our town to the next town where Joshwa, Becca, and her boyfriend work and where we do a majority of our shopping.  Now, from our house to Walmart is 13.4 miles.  Less than 30 miles round trip – not bad. Continue reading