Spring Rides

Today was fantastic.  I haven’t been having many fantastic days of late – not because they have been bad, I’ve just been eyeball deep in this insomnia cycle and it makes everything a little harder than it needs to be.  But today.  Ah, today!  We have perfect spring weather going on right now.  The highs are in the eighties during the day, but once the sun starts to sink, the temps start to drop and it’s cool and refreshing.  And at night, it’s dropping into the low fifties, so more than cool enough to sleep with the windows open and the big comforter (because my hubby likes snuggly blankets as much as I do).

We rode into town to try out the new-ish pizza place.  The pizza was decent but the atmosphere was…strange.  Sports bar style, but with a guy playing guitar and singing a mixture of songs he really shouldn’t have been singing and only occasionally throwing in a country song that suited his voice.  It was an interesting meal, but not the highlight.  The highlight was the ride home.  It wasn’t a long trip, we just went to Alabaster and came back.  But the back roads way from Alabaster back to Monty Town is my absolute favorite regular route for us.

If you’ve watched any of our riding videos (which I will hopefully soon get off my bum to start making again), then you’ve seen the route, several times from several different angles.  We love taking it, not least of all because it’s such a beautiful trip going to a place where we spend a lot of time, anyhow.  It’s got great curves and dips, lots of trees and fields, and when it’s warm, it’s got plenty of cool, shady stretches.  And tonight, it was just right.  It had still been 80 when we left out, nice and warm.  And then coming back in, it started to drop off, getting down right chilly in a few stretches.  And for someone who feels smothered at the moment, caught indoors and not sleeping, it was refreshing.

And, as always, riding feeds a part of my soul.  I feel connected to the world around me, which connects me more fully to my Gods.  And it’s spring, with what I think is jasmine blooming EVERYWHERE.  It’s beautiful and smells fabulous everywhere we go.  And there’s something about sitting on the back of Buttercup that makes me feel closer to my husband.  I can’t explain it and I’ve stopped trying to.

I think my favorite spot is on 15, as we’re coming into Montevallo.  We go up at such an angle that we both lean forward (because otherwise it feels like you’re going to fall off the back) and kind of lose a bit of speed as we go through a green tunnel.  And then we reach the top and the world opens out for us before a deep drop down the other side.  There’s a moment, just a moment, where I feel like I could spread my arms and just lift off into the air.  I’ve never spread my arms going down, as I think it would scare the hell out of Sir Joshimus, but I’m tempted every single time.  It’s a freedom that I hate I cannot capture on film (yeah, yeah, it’s digital, not film, shaddup) to share with you all.

I wish you all, each and every person who reads this, the joy of spring, all year long.  I wish you quiet moments of peace and thrilling moments of exhilarating joy.  I wish you abundance and I wish you new beginnings where they will help you grow.


BB Lea Sig Purp

So…that didn’t last.

Let me just be blunt.  Most of March and April sucked.  The starter went out on Buttercup – again – and I spent two week stressing out about it.  The first week was spent with our mechanic on vacation; the second waiting for the part to get ordered.  Then I spent two weeks unable to sleep in one of the worst insomnia cycles I’ve had in nearly a year. Continue reading

Middle of the night philosophy

So it’s currently 4 am and I’m sitting here doing one of the most dangerous things for me – I’m blog hopping!  I’ve stumbled across an unschooling blog and several pretty awesome small farm blogs.  Which of course, led me to try to find MORE.  Because once I go down that rabbit hole, I can’t seem to WANT to come back up again!  I love reading about people who are managing to do the things I want to do.  I know what you’re thinking, now Lea….but hear me out. Continue reading


So I have a goal for myself – 300 posts by our 3rd anniversary.  It’s actually not too hard to do, just an average of 3 posts a week between now and then.  I can do this!  It’s just…you know…doing it.  ^_^  I’ve been working on a Spiritual Saturday post for the last nearly week.  It’ll go out next Saturday, we’ll just all pretend that I didn’t totally fail to get it out, shall we?

Do you see what time I’m awake?  It’s 6:00am here.  No, I’m not up this early, I’m up this late.  Because I’m sleeping for a handful of hours in the afternoon/evening.  I was actually on a decent schedule there for a bit, but it got all jacked.  It’s what happens when Joshwa goes from nights to days and back again.  The thing I’m looking forward to about Joshwa getting higher up in management (other than the better pay, obviously) is getting a settled schedule.  Maybe if he can get on a settled schedule, his schedule will have less negative effect on my sleep cycles.  Maybe.

So, I’m working on being around more.  Kicking myself in the butt.  ^_^  Now, I’m thinking I’m going to crawl into bed and try to go to sleep.  It’s so nice and chilly at night!  Totally worth trying to sleep just to cuddle down beneath the covers with my hubby, the chill nipping just outside.  Happy autumn. ^_^


Insomnia and a facelift

So, I got tired of the way the blog was looking.  I didn’t mind the background color, but I think I was just tired of the frilly girly stuff, and seeing the theme used by others (pregnant cousin – sis-in-law to new-mother cousin; and another friend who just started blogging).  That, and I’ve branded myself.  So what better way to celebrate SCL’s new image (and check out the image next to your address bar/on your tab) than a new theme? Continue reading

I hate insomnia!

Wow, the last few weeks have been awful.  I mean, I live on a cycle of good sleep and bad/no sleep, but these last few weeks have been even worse.  Even when I have gotten sleep, it hasn’t been more than about 4 or 5 hours a day/night.  All this culminated in one of the worst stress headaches I’ve ever had.  My neck was so tight that my head was hurting.  It felt like someone had punched me in the face!  I took two Excedrin Migraine (I normally only have to take one to help me fall asleep – the only way I can usually get rid of a severe headache) and struggled to fall asleep. Continue reading

Falling down on the job

Ugh.  When I got my intrawebz back, I swore to myself – and promised you – that I would update everyday.  That I would have new and cool things to talk about to keep you entertained.  And yet, here it is, so short a time later, and I’ve missed several days.  There are reasons, though I guess my insomnia would be more of a reason for me to get on here and post.  I’m just afraid of what I might say!  ^__^ Continue reading

So tired of no sleep…

I keep hoping that I’ll get a decent night’s sleep, and I keep not.  Last night, I fell asleep around midnight while the hubs was in the bathroom.  I got about 45 mins before he woke me up to go to bed.  Crawl in bed, close my eyes…and my brain starts racing.  I lay there, thinking, I can do this.  And then I hear the hubs start snoring.  And that is like my kryptonite. Continue reading

Another day, another try…

So, I kinda got my hopes up this weekend.  To the point where I was talking to the baby that I was praying was in my belly.  I was two days late with just a spot of bleeding (what a few people on my forums at BabyCenter.com said might be implantation bleeding) and then nothing.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday the flood gates opened and it’s like my body is trying to make up for the two-day delay. Continue reading

Another sleepless night…

So, last night I decided that since I was getting tired around eight or so, then unable to sleep later on, that I’d sleep when I got tired.  So around ten I was falling asleep on the couch and the hubs and I moved back to the bedroom.  Ten minutes and I was out.  Now, it stormed here last night (finally, and I missed it! *pout*) and apparently I was sleeping lightly enough that every time it would thunder loudly, I’d jump and scare the hell outta my husband. Continue reading