Be welcomed, Spring!

March is one of my favorite months of the year.  It is the month my husband and I were married, it is the month when our youngest niece, my brother’s child, was born (she turns one on Wednesday!) and it is, now the month when my little sister was handfasted to the man that she plans on spending the rest of her life with.  On Saturday – yes, Pi Day, because she’s awesomely geek – she and her fiance were handfasted at Paul B Johnson State Park in Hattiesburg, MS. Continue reading

My struggle to seek joy

I don’t know why, but this time of year has been hard for me in the last few years.  You’d think I’d be more prone to depression during winter – and in Chicago it was indeed harder to pull myself out of the dumps during winter.  But it was down in the dumps in Chicago, not depression.  I guess it’s because every year I’m reminded that yet another year has passed without so many things that I thought would be our lives by now.  No children, still living in central Alabama, still living in an apartment.  I start dreaming – where we will move next, what our children will look like and how we will raise them, how much it would cost to convert a small passenger bus into a mobile home.  Have I ever mentioned that my brain sometimes won’t stop running?  Usually at around 100 mph. Continue reading

I owe you an update!

So, now that it’s almost a month later, it’s about time I updated you on our trip to Mississippi!  We took the usually 4 hour trip to my hometown last month on the scooter.  And it was a long. freaking. trip.  And once we hit Mississippi, it was freaking HOT.  But then again, it was only October in Mississippi.  We were exhausted after 7 hours on the road.  But we learned that it isn’t too bad on the interstate on the scooter.  Okay, sometimes it was, but not for the most part.  But it’s definitely not four wheels. Continue reading

Having a day

First off, let me start by saying that we didn’t get pregnant last month.  We’ll be trying again next week, though, so we’re not letting it get us down.  Now, more importantly, on Wednesday afternoon, my grandmother lost her second battle with cancer and joined the love of her life, my grandfather.  She outlived him by a year and three months.  Much longer than we expected, especially after we found out she had lung cancer. Continue reading

Another day, another try…

So, I kinda got my hopes up this weekend.  To the point where I was talking to the baby that I was praying was in my belly.  I was two days late with just a spot of bleeding (what a few people on my forums at said might be implantation bleeding) and then nothing.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday the flood gates opened and it’s like my body is trying to make up for the two-day delay. Continue reading

Sonic, MY drive in!

We found a Sonic!  Omg, I’ve been craving Sonic for over a year.  We had a Sonic down the street from our last apartment in Hattiesburg.  We went there all the time.  Granted, we probably went there too often.  But still, it was a habit, and there just aren’t any here within the city.  But…we got some tonight.  ^__^ Continue reading