Spiritual Saturday

So, this week I was at a loss for what to write about.  So I went looking for ideas and I found my way over to Pagan Blog Prompts and decided on approaching Totem Animals.


This week I’d like to talk about two beings who have been with me for a long time, especially walking along my path.  Even before the Goddess, these two have been with me, guardians and teachers.  I speak of my spirit guides/totem animals – an old, silver-furred male wolf named Silver and a young female sparrow named Skye. Continue reading


So, I came to a realization recently.  As I shift through the minutia that is available about my Gods and how they might have been worshiped in their time, the one factor that I have seen repeatedly is the importance of music and storytelling.  It was a cultural imperative – and from what I know of Ireland today, still it.  Song, dance, storytelling; myth, legend, and history. Continue reading

What am I really?

So, last night I couldn’t sleep.  Which means I finally fell asleep this morning and slept most of the day.  So my day began a few hours ago.  And what have I done with my “day?”  Well, it began with a post on the “Pagan Newbies” board about interesting information pages, which led me to the blog “Rogue Priest” and his explanation for why he is not a Pagan.  I then read another article – “Why Wicca is Not Celtic Paganism” – and it got me thinking.  I added the section about my faith recently, and it is an accurate look at my beliefs.  But today my mind has been focused on what am I. Continue reading

I am beautiful

I just read an amazing article that lifted my spirits and made me think about the way I view myself.  “Ten Rules for Fat Girls” is a reminder that we’re all beautiful and that we shouldn’t let anyone treat us like crap for our size – even ourselves.  Please read it – whether you’re a chub, love a chub or hate a chub, it has a good message for everyone. Continue reading

New stuff!

So I’ve got some new pages up and I’ve taken down my old blog.  I have consolidated the information from that blog into pages here – mainly to have it all in one place.  Yes, I have edited and refined my rambling blogs from the other page.  I have made it more fit for public consumption.  Mainly because I’m trying to work up the nerve to talk to my Momma about being a Pagan.  Some of what I poured out on the other blog in writing out my beliefs are not things I’m ready to talk to her about – I don’t know that ever will be. Continue reading

Wow…what a couple of days….

So, I finally did what I’d been promising myself and the God and Goddess that I would do for several weeks – I finally got my altar put back up.  I’m so ashamed that it took so long.  I’m thankful that They don’t hold grudges.  When I set up my alter and spent my time meditating, I got that always overwhelming sense of peace that always comes. Continue reading

I hate insomnia!

Wow, the last few weeks have been awful.  I mean, I live on a cycle of good sleep and bad/no sleep, but these last few weeks have been even worse.  Even when I have gotten sleep, it hasn’t been more than about 4 or 5 hours a day/night.  All this culminated in one of the worst stress headaches I’ve ever had.  My neck was so tight that my head was hurting.  It felt like someone had punched me in the face!  I took two Excedrin Migraine (I normally only have to take one to help me fall asleep – the only way I can usually get rid of a severe headache) and struggled to fall asleep. Continue reading