Definitely in need of some prayers!

So, for the last year we’ve been a one-car-two-home family with my best friend – and more recently, her boyfriend – and it has been HARD.  Becca’s van is older and it isn’t in the best shape (though not bad considering it cost her less than $700) and with three jobs, it has had to work even harder.  We’ve put nearly 3,000 miles on it in a month and a half just making trips from our town to the next town where Joshwa, Becca, and her boyfriend work and where we do a majority of our shopping.  Now, from our house to Walmart is 13.4 miles.  Less than 30 miles round trip – not bad. Continue reading


We need prayers for money and sanity.  Yesterday was a rough day.  We’ve been praying and trying to make it to the first of the year so we can have the needed work done on the truck.  Unfortunately, yesterday the truck started overheating and struggling.  And then, the truck wouldn’t start.  So, we decided to check the oil and…there’s water in the oil again. Continue reading

An update on our complaint….

Well, I heard back from the Better Business Bureau today (as they had heard back from Victory GMC yesterday).  Big surprise, they are doing there best to cover their asses, even going so far as to indirectly blame us for possibly doing something to the truck in the week between us getting it fixed and it overheating again (well, we don’t know how far they drove it in a week).  I now know why it took them nearly an entire month to respond, though since their version of events now is very different from what they said to Joshwa on the phone, down to some other guy claiming he spoke with Joshwa, when at the time, the guy identified himself as the location manager (I’ll leave his name out of it just in case). Continue reading

Are you serious?!

So, guess what?  Our truck started overheating again.  Yeah, what we supposedly got fixed a week ago.  And when we take it in, they tell us it must be a new problem and unless it’s a failure in the part they just replaced, we’ll be footing the bill again.  Every time we’d ask a question, he would avoid giving us a straight answer and contradicted himself several times by saying it’s possible it was actually the water pump – but then when I ask why that wasn’t diagnosed originally, he’d backtrack and say that it hadn’t been a problem. Continue reading

Falling down on the job….again…

I have not been doing well! I mean, do you know, we celebrated our one year anniversary of quitting smoking?  ON THE 9th!  That’s right, one of my greatest achievements, and I completely missed talking about it.  And I’ve been meaning to!  And, then, more recently, I added a music player to my page (it’s down at the bottom).  Completely spaced on that one.  And finally?  I completely failed to brag to everyone that it was my beloved husband’s 27th birthday yesterday!  And he was working all day, so it’s not like I didn’t have time to!  I should be flogged.  Or at least harshly scolded.  Or maybe just mildly rebuffed. Continue reading

We got our couch!

So, our truck fix cost $350.  Which was how much my Momma had to buy our couch.  So what happened?  My Aunt Sharon bought us a couch!  And it’s the one we wanted.  It’s beautiful.  It’s chocolate-brown, longer than our last one, and taller, with shorter arms.  I’ve taken a couple of naps on it already and it is very comfortable.  ^__^  The only problem?  We can’t figure out how to sit on it, lol.  We’re so used to sitting right on top of each other and leaning on our respective arms.  We can’t do that anymore!  It’s a good thing, it’s just going to take a little getting used to. Continue reading

No new couch :-(

So we won’t be getting our new couch.  The money is going to our truck.  Who tried to die.  It’s gonna be $400 to get her fixed. 😦  Our poor truck.  She’s had so many problems lately – and they’re all my fault for not taking better care of her.  But, this should fix all of her system problems, leaving only the door as a problem.  Oh, she’ll still need a tune-up and oil changes, but once we get done with this, that will be it.  ^__^  But since it’s going to cost so much to get her fixed, we’re going to have to use the couch money (our birthday money) for the car instead of for our couch. Continue reading

Ugh…car problems…

First off, let me say that I absolutely love my 2000 Jimmy.  She’s black with gray leather interior, automatic everything and a sunroof.  She so perfectly matches my personality that the minute I got into her, I knew we were a match made in heaven.  I’ve had her for five years (got her in 2005) and she’s been with me through moving out of my parents’ house for the first time to meeting my husband and making the 30 min trips each way to visit each other, then to visit his family when we moved in together. Continue reading