Are you serious?!

So, guess what?  Our truck started overheating again.  Yeah, what we supposedly got fixed a week ago.  And when we take it in, they tell us it must be a new problem and unless it’s a failure in the part they just replaced, we’ll be footing the bill again.  Every time we’d ask a question, he would avoid giving us a straight answer and contradicted himself several times by saying it’s possible it was actually the water pump – but then when I ask why that wasn’t diagnosed originally, he’d backtrack and say that it hadn’t been a problem. Continue reading

Falling down on the job….again…

I have not been doing well! I mean, do you know, we celebrated our one year anniversary of quitting smoking?  ON THE 9th!  That’s right, one of my greatest achievements, and I completely missed talking about it.  And I’ve been meaning to!  And, then, more recently, I added a music player to my page (it’s down at the bottom).  Completely spaced on that one.  And finally?  I completely failed to brag to everyone that it was my beloved husband’s 27th birthday yesterday!  And he was working all day, so it’s not like I didn’t have time to!  I should be flogged.  Or at least harshly scolded.  Or maybe just mildly rebuffed. Continue reading