Do you know how blessed you are?

I do.  I forget sometimes, when stress hits me and I am swamped under.  But then, some days, I get a beautiful reminder.  Like today.  My Momma was, once again, a lifesaver for Sir Joshimus and I.  You see, Buttercup had a flat.  AFTER we had spent all of our money on shopping and other maintenance for our two-wheeled honey.  And I had a meltdown.  It happens.  I spent a lot of time praying for strength and courage. Continue reading

Calling All Weirdos!!

What?  No good?  I’ve spent the past few days trying to think of a good, catchy name to put out there to get people’s attention for a gathering that Sir Joshimus Rex and I want to start.  Because it has to have a good, catchy name, right?  Otherwise, how will people want to know they want to come?  My intentions were to open our home to like-minded people to get together, share good food and good conversation, and not feel so alone.  Not just Pagans – though that is an obvious demographic – but anyone who finds they don’t fit into the mold of Christianity as modeled by churches in this area, Christians like my husband included.  There isn’t exactly an easy name for that. Continue reading


We need prayers for money and sanity.  Yesterday was a rough day.  We’ve been praying and trying to make it to the first of the year so we can have the needed work done on the truck.  Unfortunately, yesterday the truck started overheating and struggling.  And then, the truck wouldn’t start.  So, we decided to check the oil and…there’s water in the oil again. Continue reading

Spiritual Saturday

Blessed Mabon, happy first day of autumn!  I’m excited for autumn to come, though this is the warmest day in the last week or so. *sigh* ^_^  It is also the recognized date of Pagan Pride Day (though obviously, the world doesn’t end if it happens on a different date) and yesterday was the original date of International Covered in Light Day. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Today is my best friend’s birthday!  We’re gonna celebrate today – lunch (she’s requesting banana sammiches, so probably that) and brownies! – and then we’re taking her out to dinner next week when Joshwa’s off.  And if you’re wondering, it’s her fault I missed yesterday.  I hope you can forgive me for once again missing Spiritual Saturday, since it was for a good cause.  ^__^ Continue reading

Whew, hard day(s)…

It’s been a hard day. In fact, it’s been a hard few days. But it’s been good days. We got my girl, Bubba’s house packed up and moved to Monty Town and now we’ve got the truck unpacked (and into a storage unit) and the truck turned in. It was a lot of work – we’ve got to do some serious culling to get rid of stuff, but it’s okay, because Joshwa and I need to do some culling, too. Continue reading

Sorry, darlings

Sorry I haven’t been around too much lately.  Last week was an awesome time spent with my best friend (other than Joshwa, of course, but he was there, too ^__~) for an entire week!  I didn’t want to talk about it at the time, but Bubba is going to be moving to our town – hopefully in the apartment right next door!  She and her husband were having problems and they decided that it was best to step away while they could remain friends. Continue reading