Father’s Day

So I wasn’t sure I was going to post anything today, but I figured I would.  If you’ve been here a while or read back, you’ll probably notice that I don’t have the greatest relationship with my dad – in fact, until recently I don’t even know if it would have qualified as a relationship.  But my little brother moved out and from Mississippi to Texas and suddenly my father started reaching out to me.  I likely wouldn’t have made any moves to make any changes in the status quo – I did more than enough of that when I was younger.  But my Momma asked me to give him a chance and I’m pretty much a sucker for her. Continue reading

Got that poem published!

So, as happens to me all to often for my own good, inspiration hit me at 2am.  And, because I’ve learned my lesson that I won’t remember that awesome line or rhyme in the morning, when it hit, I jumped out of bed – leaving a groaning hubby because I woke him up a little – and ran out to write it down.  And since I was out here, why not go ahead and post it? Continue reading

And, back to work!

Okay, so maybe not work for me.  Had a great weekend with the hubs.  My grandmother sent us $1000 to help our move!  And hubs got paid.  It didn’t go as far as it will since we’ve had to recover from the last few months of only paying enough of our bills to get by.  But they are all paid!  And we got to go grocery shopping!  Ah!  We got to buy everything that we needed instead of just enough not to starve. Continue reading