Fairy Rock-A-Bye

So, I’ve finally published a new poem!  It’s called Fairy Rock-A-Bye and is, as you can imagine, a retake of Rock-a-Bye Baby.  I really love that song, because it’s the one lullaby I can remember my Momma singing to me; my Momma’s not a big singer (loves music, but not really musically inclined), so memories of her singing to me are all the more precious. Continue reading

Lovely day

We had a lovely day today.  Joshwa’s dad and brother stopped by to see us.  It was only a brief stop between seeing his younger brother in Tennessee and his sister in Mississippi because we don’t have kids yet and they each do.  If it was just the kids, it’d be one thing, but it’s the grandkids.  He’s got three granddaughters and they’re the love of his life. Continue reading

Play-by-post rpg…

Help me!  So one of my most favorite past times is writing for a play-by-post rpg.  Preferably free-form (no dice, focusing on the story building) with a Gothic/paranormal theme.  For a while I was a member on a site called Surrender (I was Amaya Toibin).  There were only a handful of us who were active, but we wrote some great stories together. Continue reading