Death, ancestors, and the afterlife in my life

I don’t often talk about death within my personal faith, nor it’s importance.  I don’t focus on what comes after and my beliefs about what it is are vague – only the fact that I believe our souls are reincarnated firm in my mind and faith.  But despite the fact that I don’t think or talk about death and what comes after often, death does have a place within my faith.  It has a place through my veneration of my ancestors, something that I began many years ago, but which has taken on a much more personal connection in recent years. Continue reading

Having a day

First off, let me start by saying that we didn’t get pregnant last month.  We’ll be trying again next week, though, so we’re not letting it get us down.  Now, more importantly, on Wednesday afternoon, my grandmother lost her second battle with cancer and joined the love of her life, my grandfather.  She outlived him by a year and three months.  Much longer than we expected, especially after we found out she had lung cancer. Continue reading