♪♫Musical Monday♫♪

“Some Gave All” by Billy Ray Cyrus

In memory of those who gave all.




Spiritual Saturday

First let me start by saying blessed Beltain!  I hope that you all had wonderful days.  If you don’t celebrate the beginning of summer (for those of us who only celebrate two turnings of the year, the beginning of summer and the end of summer/beginning of winter), then I still hope you had a wonderful day. Continue reading

Middle of the night philosophy

So it’s currently 4 am and I’m sitting here doing one of the most dangerous things for me – I’m blog hopping!  I’ve stumbled across an unschooling blog and several pretty awesome small farm blogs.  Which of course, led me to try to find MORE.  Because once I go down that rabbit hole, I can’t seem to WANT to come back up again!  I love reading about people who are managing to do the things I want to do.  I know what you’re thinking, now Lea….but hear me out. Continue reading