Let’s talk about poo…

No, not bowel movements. ‘Poo is the crunchy movement’s term for shampoo. If you’re asking yourself “Why is Lea talking about food?”, I’m not. “Crunchy” is the term for those who believe in living a more natural life (cloth diapering, sustainable living, breastfeeding, babywearing, non-vaxing, things by now you should know that we embrace) – so think granola. Continue reading


I’m looking for blogs!

Okay guys, gals, and creatures from the netherverse, I’m looking for some awesome blogs!  Some of the greatest information I’ve found lately have come from blogs from people who look at the world like I do.  I mean, I could go out and continue searching through all the millions of billions of pages on the intrawebz for the info that I’m looking for, or I can find some awesome people who are looking for the same things I am who have already searched through millions of billions of pages. Continue reading

Cloth diapers…

So, doing a little research today, and I really like the idea of cloth diapers.  I know, there’s the whole cleaning poop off and then washing, but it’s something I can get behind.  Not only does it not leave those nasty diapers that don’t break down in the landfills – or those biodegradable ones that I’ve heard horror stories about – and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. Continue reading