Calling All Weirdos!!

What?  No good?  I’ve spent the past few days trying to think of a good, catchy name to put out there to get people’s attention for a gathering that Sir Joshimus Rex and I want to start.  Because it has to have a good, catchy name, right?  Otherwise, how will people want to know they want to come?  My intentions were to open our home to like-minded people to get together, share good food and good conversation, and not feel so alone.  Not just Pagans – though that is an obvious demographic – but anyone who finds they don’t fit into the mold of Christianity as modeled by churches in this area, Christians like my husband included.  There isn’t exactly an easy name for that. Continue reading

Twas the Night of the Solstice




I realize I’m several hours too late for this, but I wanted to share it anyway.  My poem from last year, “Twas the Night of the Solstice.”  This year there were more of us together, but it passed just as tranquilly.  Later this evening, Becca and I are going to have hot chocolate (though it feel like it’s warm enough for us to want cold chocolate) and do a little bit of fire (unless it keeps raining).  We’re going to celebrate what is currently recognized as the end of the year before she and her bf make the trip up to see his folks for Christmas.



So Blessed Yule/Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanza, or whatever holiday you celebrate.  May you know joy and light and good times with those you love.  May you forget the petty controversies that divide us so often in our daily lives.









Spiritual Saturday

“Faith is a delusion of people unable to deal with the reality that sometimes life sucks.”

Has anyone ever said this to you?  I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the years conversing with Atheists and have even gotten along with several since we both embraced the idea of live and let live – in other words, so long as you don’t force your beliefs/lack there of on me, I’ll do the same. Continue reading

Advice to long ago

As I lay in bed early this morning after Joshwa left for work (6am is early, unless I’m having a freaky sleep week – and I’m not), I was reading my Facebook feed.  Now, my Facebook feed is full of things that matter to me – lactivism, intactivism, and natural birth; Pagans and Witches and Buddha; and family, humor, and friends.  And at some point this morning, I read something that stuck out to me.

What advice would you give your younger self?

What advice would I give her?  Love yourself more.  But then, that’s a little too vague, isn’t it?  Tell your parents to invest in Google.  Okay, that one’s a little silly, but true.

In all honesty, the advice came to mind the moment I read it.  Tell her.  I would tell my younger self today to tell Momma that I was a Pagan.  I know that may seem strange, with all the stories we’ve heard about teenagers – being shamed and having to hide their studies at best, or being kicked out of their homes at worst.  But I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the last year stressing about having the religion discussion with my Momma.  And it’s a discussion that I am getting more stressed about as my Momma is seeming to develop stronger religious convictions (as strong as can be imagined in a woman who never attends church) lately.

I know my Momma – at least the Momma that I lived with as a teenager.  She would have likely tried to dissuade me, I know; but she would have accepted it – even if only as “it’s a phase”.  And as I grew and didn’t grow out of the phase, she would have gradually accepted it.  In fact, the reason I didn’t have the talk with my Momma at the time had nothing to do with my Momma; I was afraid of what my Daddy would do – granted, I was just plain afraid of my Daddy at that point in my life.  But it seems the longer it goes on, the more it has become some “big secret” – thus adding the simple stress of no longer holding the secret – as well as Momma’s recent surge in religious leaning.

Surprisingly, I wouldn’t give myself any advice on doing things differently when it comes to boys  – I can honestly say that I married my first love.  And I wouldn’t give myself advice on doing things different about the friends I kept – I learned lessons that are invaluable to my life.  I would tell myself to take that finance class that I passed on to take Biology my second year of college.  I would tell myself to hold off on those invasive procedures between 19 and 21 and pass on the Gardasil shot.  Oh, and love myself.  Did I mention that already?

Strangely it seems for people my age, I respect the girl that I was.  I won’t deny that I screwed up – it’s part of being a teen.  But every screw up I learned from.  And I wouldn’t trade those lessons, or where they led me when.  I believe that Joshwa and I would have met anyway, but I don’t know how much more jaded and difficult I’d have been by then.  By the way, I’d tell teenage me that it’s okay to be jaded – it served me well and kept me from being used by people who set out to do no more than that.

So tell me, what would you tell your younger self?


Ah, family :-)

Let me start by saying that I love my father-in-law (hereto referred to as “Dad”), my sis-in-law (hereto referred to as “Sis”) and my nieces.  That said…three days is too long to be with both Dad and Sis!  Lol, I don’t know how they’re managing to live together, because they make me crazy!  They came in on Thursday to stay with us for a few days around dropping off my oldest niece with her dad (younger niece has a different dad) so the last few days have been pure craziness, and I swear the girls are better than Dad and Sis.  ^__^ Continue reading

Wow…what a couple of days….

So, I finally did what I’d been promising myself and the God and Goddess that I would do for several weeks – I finally got my altar put back up.  I’m so ashamed that it took so long.  I’m thankful that They don’t hold grudges.  When I set up my alter and spent my time meditating, I got that always overwhelming sense of peace that always comes. Continue reading

I said goodbye today

I saw my grandmother today.  What’s left of her.  They didn’t tell me until just before I approached the casket that she had lost all her hair in chemotherapy.  It was hard.  I’m terribly afraid, even still, that if I cry to hard, I won’t be able to stop.  At the graveside, Brother Cliff, a friend of my Momma’s family for many, many years, read her obituary, talking about her children and grandchildren, naming each in turn. Continue reading

Welcome, 2011

So, it’s now officially a new year.  We have so many things to look forward to.  My husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary in a little less than three months.  We celebrated five years of being together this past Thanksgiving, and we’ll celebrate four years since our handfasting this June.  A lot of celebrations, but they’re all vital to us. Continue reading