Another day, another try…

So, I kinda got my hopes up this weekend.  To the point where I was talking to the baby that I was praying was in my belly.  I was two days late with just a spot of bleeding (what a few people on my forums at said might be implantation bleeding) and then nothing.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday the flood gates opened and it’s like my body is trying to make up for the two-day delay. Continue reading

Been out of it for the last several days…

So, I haven’t been feeling my best the last few days.  Feeling kinda sick to my stomach and I haven’t been sleeping well.  Not sleeping well is so my MO, I know, but it just feels worse now.  I’m tired all the time, but I can’t get to sleep at night because my mind just races.   I can’t even tell you what all I think about because I can’t even keep up. Continue reading

So, let’s have an update

So, it’s been a long few days.  The hubs had to work on Sunday, as usual – but because Chicago decided they were going to put on three simultaneous fireworks displays, closing down roads from the north side to the south side.  Meaning that the hubs had to work for 14 hours.  So, being the stubborn individual that I love, he took me to work with him so that he could spend at least some time with me. Continue reading

Storm and sleep

So, last night Chicago had a righteous storm!  It was great, and it dropped the temp like twenty degrees or more.  One of the things I miss most about living in Mississippi is the summer storms, the days at a time of serious storms where you can watch the rain flow through the trees.  Here it’s more short showers with very little storm to them. Continue reading

Blessed Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest daylight and shortest night of the year.  From this point forward, the days will grow shorter as we work our way to winter.  Oh, it’ll get warmer for most of us here in the US, just as the last part of winter is usually the coldest.  But we work towards that cooler weather.  And, we wind closer to the day of our departure from these northern climes! Continue reading

Weekend’s almost over…

And the hubs is doing his bathroom thing. ^__^  I’ve got a minute to get on here before he demands my undivided attention again.  I like being in love.  We’ve had a really good day.  Hubs had his final follow-up appointment from when he broke his wrist before Christmas.  The doctor – who has been wonderful to both of us this whole time – says that hubs is getting more movement back. Continue reading

When will it be me?

So, those out there who have children, before you had children, did you have one of these moments?  I’m cruising through the “Tag Surfer” on my WordPress dashboard, and I see a picture that’s obviously a woman with a child in her lap, and she’s smiling.  And I nearly started crying.  I’m ready for that to be me. Continue reading

Continued search

So, I’ve spent the morning trying to find a job.  Seems that’s all I ever do, try to find a job or try to accomplish things online (like my slideshows or the article that I’m still working on).  It’s stressful – more so than actually working!  I just need something to help us raise the money to get out of this city, and I worry that’s part of the problem. Continue reading