Happy Birthday, SCL!

This blog celebrated its 7th birthday on Wednesday!  That’s insane.  What it is has changed many times over the years and has lain fallow for more than a little of that time.  But it’s still here and I still intend for it to be in the future.  To those who have been with me through this trip, thank you for sticking around.  And to our newest readers, welcome and welcome!  As always, my darling goobers, I’m so very glad you’re here.


BB Lea Sig Purp

I’ve got a plan!

So, I’ve got a plan for the next few “Spiritual Saturdays” that I just wanted to share with you.  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be doing pieces on my Gods, one post for each God or Goddess and my relationship to them.  I’m doing this for you, dear readers, so you can learn about my Gods; but I’m also doing this for me – a “getting to know you” of the three who have recently become a part of my life, as well as a “refresher” of the two who have walked with me so long. Continue reading

We’ve got our own domain!!!

We’re now SpiralCharmedLife.com! Woot! We’re still being hosted by wordpress.com for now, but for my Winter Solstice/Christmas present this year, Josh got me my domain name and hosting here on wordpress. This is definitely my happy face!  I’m extremely excited about this since I’ve been wanting this since I first started my blog nearly two years ago. So enjoy!

Insomnia and a facelift

So, I got tired of the way the blog was looking.  I didn’t mind the background color, but I think I was just tired of the frilly girly stuff, and seeing the theme used by others (pregnant cousin – sis-in-law to new-mother cousin; and another friend who just started blogging).  That, and I’ve branded myself.  So what better way to celebrate SCL’s new image (and check out the image next to your address bar/on your tab) than a new theme? Continue reading

New stuff!

So I’ve got some new pages up and I’ve taken down my old blog.  I have consolidated the information from that blog into pages here – mainly to have it all in one place.  Yes, I have edited and refined my rambling blogs from the other page.  I have made it more fit for public consumption.  Mainly because I’m trying to work up the nerve to talk to my Momma about being a Pagan.  Some of what I poured out on the other blog in writing out my beliefs are not things I’m ready to talk to her about – I don’t know that ever will be. Continue reading

Father’s Day

So I wasn’t sure I was going to post anything today, but I figured I would.  If you’ve been here a while or read back, you’ll probably notice that I don’t have the greatest relationship with my dad – in fact, until recently I don’t even know if it would have qualified as a relationship.  But my little brother moved out and from Mississippi to Texas and suddenly my father started reaching out to me.  I likely wouldn’t have made any moves to make any changes in the status quo – I did more than enough of that when I was younger.  But my Momma asked me to give him a chance and I’m pretty much a sucker for her. Continue reading

100th Post! Happy Handfasting Anniversary!

So, I’m finally writing my 100th post.  WOW!  It’s awesome, and yet it shows how lax I’ve been over the last year that it’s taken me 14 months to get to post 100.  But I’m here and still going as strong as ever.  Now, I could have written this any time over the past several days, but I just couldn’t think of anything profound enough for my 100th post.  So, I figured a recap of the past year and a our plan for the next year.  Not exactly profound, but it was the best idea I could come up with and since I apparently completely spaced on writing about my blog’s one year anniversary (April 28th), now seems as good as then.  ^__^ Continue reading

New page up!

I finally got the new page up “Blogs I Like“!  It’s not completely finished, nor will it be so long as I find blogs that I enjoy.  I know most of my readers are hit and runs, which is fine, but I also know I’ve got at least a few of you guys that read regularly (that or I get way more hit and runs than I realized!) and I want to share with you guys.  I want to thank Catherine Spalding and Nicola Baird who responded to my call for blogs.  I am still accepting blogs! Continue reading

Eh, off days…

So, all hope is lost for this month.  I started on Tuesday, which meant I was weepy and grouchy and hurting.  Fun.  And yesterday it was worse, but that’s par for the course for me.  The good thing?  Joshwa’s had two days off in a row.  And he has two days off in a row next week!  Crazy!  And one of them is our anniversary!  (yep, folks, our THIRD anniversary is next Thursday, but more about that later) Continue reading