It has FINALLY cooled off here!  I’m finally sitting with the house open for the first time since May and it’s so NICE.  I love being further south and having an actual summer again (rather than two weeks of summer surrounded by weeks of 50° weather) but it lasted too long! Continue reading


A little update…

So I “came back” from sabbatical, and yet, I haven’t really come back have I?  So, here we go.  For the last month, my best friend has been living with us.  It hasn’t been the easiest – we’re three adults and, more importantly, two women living under a rather crowded roof.  I have learned two very important things in the last month. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Becca!

Today is my best friend’s birthday!  We’re gonna celebrate today – lunch (she’s requesting banana sammiches, so probably that) and brownies! – and then we’re taking her out to dinner next week when Joshwa’s off.  And if you’re wondering, it’s her fault I missed yesterday.  I hope you can forgive me for once again missing Spiritual Saturday, since it was for a good cause.  ^__^ Continue reading

Whew, hard day(s)…

It’s been a hard day. In fact, it’s been a hard few days. But it’s been good days. We got my girl, Bubba’s house packed up and moved to Monty Town and now we’ve got the truck unpacked (and into a storage unit) and the truck turned in. It was a lot of work – we’ve got to do some serious culling to get rid of stuff, but it’s okay, because Joshwa and I need to do some culling, too. Continue reading