Getting back to basics

So, I know, dear readers, you’ve probably decided I’m never coming back.  And for that I am sorry.  But a realization occurred to me the other day.  I started this blog because I was striving to live a better, healthier life.  I was trying to be a better person – not better than anyone else, but better than I had been before.  And I fell into a hole.  I started smoking again.  And I felt guilty. Continue reading

I met a friend!

Technically, I met her face-to-face for the first time.  I made friends with Marin through the Debil (Facebook) in one of my Pagan groups and even though she and her family (hubby and girls) live in California, she and her hubby are originally from right here around Montevallo!  And, since she and her girls were in town visiting family, we got together! Continue reading

Eh, off days…

So, all hope is lost for this month.  I started on Tuesday, which meant I was weepy and grouchy and hurting.  Fun.  And yesterday it was worse, but that’s par for the course for me.  The good thing?  Joshwa’s had two days off in a row.  And he has two days off in a row next week!  Crazy!  And one of them is our anniversary!  (yep, folks, our THIRD anniversary is next Thursday, but more about that later) Continue reading

Having a day

First off, let me start by saying that we didn’t get pregnant last month.  We’ll be trying again next week, though, so we’re not letting it get us down.  Now, more importantly, on Wednesday afternoon, my grandmother lost her second battle with cancer and joined the love of her life, my grandfather.  She outlived him by a year and three months.  Much longer than we expected, especially after we found out she had lung cancer. Continue reading

Hey, hey!

Hey there, ladies and gents!  Thanks to a cousin with a computer, you get an update…like a real, live update!  We have officially left Chicago.  We’re staying over at our cousin’s house (preggo cousin) until Thursday so we can hang out with cousins and aunt and uncle.  And, because they are as internet addicted as we are, there is interwebz and computers!  Yay!  So, here’s what’s what.   Continue reading

Another day, another try…

So, I kinda got my hopes up this weekend.  To the point where I was talking to the baby that I was praying was in my belly.  I was two days late with just a spot of bleeding (what a few people on my forums at said might be implantation bleeding) and then nothing.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday the flood gates opened and it’s like my body is trying to make up for the two-day delay. Continue reading