So…that didn’t last.

Let me just be blunt.  Most of March and April sucked.  The starter went out on Buttercup – again – and I spent two week stressing out about it.  The first week was spent with our mechanic on vacation; the second waiting for the part to get ordered.  Then I spent two weeks unable to sleep in one of the worst insomnia cycles I’ve had in nearly a year. Continue reading

A little joy when it’s least expected.

Hello, darlings!  And thank you to all of you who are still checking in, despite my long absence.  Soon, I’ll be back to (attempting) to post more regularly.  But tonight, I needed to share a little joy with you all that came to me unexpectedly.  If you are living in the US, you know about winter storm Octavia.  You might have also heard that this storm is threatening to dump snow in the south – an area where, I can assure you, they have no idea what to do with snow and EVERYONE freaks out. Continue reading

I’m sorry, dear readers

For a while, I was doing so well – giving my dear internet-crawlers something to fill their time.  But over the last months, I’ve dropped off to near nothing.  I do greatly apologize.  First there was my miscarriage, and then there was NaNoWriMo, so I’ve neglected my lovely blog and my lovelier readers for far too long.  I will do my best by remedying this fact now.  So I’ll start with an update. Continue reading

Just dropping in

So, I wanted to stop by and let everyone know I’m still here!  It’s been nearly a month since my last post here because I’ve been busy with a project.  It’s National Novel Writing Month, a month where you write like mad to reach 50,000 words in 30 days.  I’m working on a shapeshifter novel – not at all what I had thought I would be writing about this month! Continue reading

We got our couch!

So, our truck fix cost $350.  Which was how much my Momma had to buy our couch.  So what happened?  My Aunt Sharon bought us a couch!  And it’s the one we wanted.  It’s beautiful.  It’s chocolate-brown, longer than our last one, and taller, with shorter arms.  I’ve taken a couple of naps on it already and it is very comfortable.  ^__^  The only problem?  We can’t figure out how to sit on it, lol.  We’re so used to sitting right on top of each other and leaning on our respective arms.  We can’t do that anymore!  It’s a good thing, it’s just going to take a little getting used to. Continue reading

No new couch :-(

So we won’t be getting our new couch.  The money is going to our truck.  Who tried to die.  It’s gonna be $400 to get her fixed. 😦  Our poor truck.  She’s had so many problems lately – and they’re all my fault for not taking better care of her.  But, this should fix all of her system problems, leaving only the door as a problem.  Oh, she’ll still need a tune-up and oil changes, but once we get done with this, that will be it.  ^__^  But since it’s going to cost so much to get her fixed, we’re going to have to use the couch money (our birthday money) for the car instead of for our couch. Continue reading

We’re getting a new couch!

Yep, you read that right!  My Momma is buying us a new couch for our birthdays!  (Joshwa will be 27 on the 23 and I’ll be 26 in August)  I’m so excited!  We’ll be keeping our ugly couch, too, so that we have more seating, but I’m really looking forward to the new couch.  I bought our current couch at the end of July in 2005, before Hurricane Katrina. Continue reading

Happy Everybody’s Irish Day!

Well, I’ve absolutely zero hits today.  I guess all my readers are celebrating “Everybody’s Irish” Day.  Because, no, I don’t celebrate the man held responsible (glorified by the Catholic church) for destroying the pagan faith of ancient Ireland.  I see it more as a celebration of my Irish heritage and a day of remembrance for a way of life now mostly lost to us.  To celebrate what has survived, through story and song – the heart of the Irish. Continue reading