Google +

Yes, that’s right, I’m now on Google+!  I finally got tired of FB enough to want to look elsewhere and jumped on the opportunity to join G+.  Granted, at the moment, things are rather thin, but I’m hoping to meet new people on there fairly quickly (I mean, everyone I know is on FB, so it’s not like I’m looking for my family).  But, if any of you fine readers are on G+, look me up add me to a circle, and I’ll add you back.  Granted, at the moment my page is nearly bare – since I only began using G+ yesterday with the most recent “upgrades” to FB. Continue reading

Got that poem published!

So, as happens to me all to often for my own good, inspiration hit me at 2am.  And, because I’ve learned my lesson that I won’t remember that awesome line or rhyme in the morning, when it hit, I jumped out of bed – leaving a groaning hubby because I woke him up a little – and ran out to write it down.  And since I was out here, why not go ahead and post it? Continue reading

My New Article Is Up!

So, it didn’t qualify for an upfront payment (which is what I’m assuming is what took them nearly a week for!), but they finally let me know so I could just submit it.  And now it’s available for your eyeballs to view it. ^__^  You can find my article here, and of course on my articles page.  It’s a good start and I’m already working on the second article in the series. Continue reading

Woohoo! Published!

Well, after I whined a little – which made me feel much better – I went to the harbor and while I waited for Josh to get off work, I wrote.  And you know what?  I was able to finish my article!  And not just finish it half-assed, but something I’m proud of.  I think I was able to get my point across in a clear way, and I’ve set myself up for my next two  articles. Continue reading

Continued search

So, I’ve spent the morning trying to find a job.  Seems that’s all I ever do, try to find a job or try to accomplish things online (like my slideshows or the article that I’m still working on).  It’s stressful – more so than actually working!  I just need something to help us raise the money to get out of this city, and I worry that’s part of the problem. Continue reading

Got those slideshows up!

So, I got my slideshows of the pictures I took yesterday up.  I decided to make two of them, one for just the harbor pictures and another for pictures for the sake of being beautiful. ^__^  I like taking pictures of things for no other reason than I think it’s beautiful.  Of the 80 or more that I took, I actually only used about 40 of them.  But I’m going to play around with some of the others and see what I can do. Continue reading

Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane!  May your day be beautiful, your lands and life be fertile, and your summer bountiful!  It’s a beautiful day here today.  I took my husband to work and driving on S Lake Shore, with the windows down, sunroof open, and oldies station (all 60s weekend, woot!) blaring was invigorating.  We’ll be doing a ritual tonight (which we always try to do at least Beltane and Samhain, usually Yule and the summer solstice), but for the first time we’ll be doing a fertility ritual. Continue reading