Musings on darkness and light

I like the darkness

Once I disparaged the darkness.  Part was childish fear of things unknown, while part was the holding from my Christian past that taught that good was light and evil was dark.  I wanted so much to be a part of the good and the light, and yet I always felt as if I walked in twilight, that cool grey that slipped between warm light and cold dark.  And when I let my spirit roam, I slipped into each of those worlds and learned the secrets to be had there.  I still reveled in the light, the shining brightness and explosion of color that could be found there.  But I also learn to slip silently into dark places to appreciate their beauty and silently hear their tales. Continue reading “Musings on darkness and light”

Spiritual Saturday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Spiritual Saturday post, but there was a conversation recently in one of the Facebook communities I’m a member of that prompted me to put my own thoughts together.  The question was asked (after a rather snarky post by several other members in relation) if we believed that the Gods reached out and actively sought relationships with humans.  The general consensus within that community was that the Gods do not seek out relationships with humans and couldn’t care less if humans sought them out. Continue reading “Spiritual Saturday”

Death, ancestors, and the afterlife in my life

I don’t often talk about death within my personal faith, nor it’s importance.  I don’t focus on what comes after and my beliefs about what it is are vague – only the fact that I believe our souls are reincarnated firm in my mind and faith.  But despite the fact that I don’t think or talk about death and what comes after often, death does have a place within my faith.  It has a place through my veneration of my ancestors, something that I began many years ago, but which has taken on a much more personal connection in recent years. Continue reading “Death, ancestors, and the afterlife in my life”

Happy Cú Chulainn Day!

I cannot take credit for the idea of this idea.  Thanks to at The Wild Hunt for his post about the reality of St. Patrick from 2012.  Today was the first time I’d read his piece, but it struck a chord with me.  It started with a discussion (read, mild argument) in one of the Facebook groups I’m in about the nature of Deity, which evolved into a discussion of what hero and ancestor worship entails, and eventually left me to realize that, though I am grateful for the information that bunch shares with me, I am so glad that I’m not trying to shape myself to their ideal of what faith practice should be! Continue reading “Happy Cú Chulainn Day!”

Spiritual Saturday

I’m running a little late tonight, but it was a pretty good day (okay, started off a little rocky, but it turned out pretty awesome), so I hope you’ll forgive me for this last-minute posting.  I constantly struggle with what I should share with you – what I have to offer – on this day.  So instead of stepping forward and offering what I have, I hide it away as unworthy.  But lately in my life my big sister, Brighid, has sat just over my shoulder, reminding me that the words that spin through my mind – whether I take the time and initiative to write them out – are inspired by Her hand.  I have been doing better about following Her gentle demands, but that now means there are pieces and parts of poetry half-written laying all over my mind, heart, house, and even phone waiting to be the thread that is next plucked. Continue reading “Spiritual Saturday”

Spiritual Saturday – Joy in Action

Today was ridiculously hot and muggy.  We’d been needing rain pretty badly over the last couple of months and it seemed that every time we’d get some in our area, it would miss us completely.  Well, it made up for it the last couple of days with showers off and on culminating in a downpour yesterday.  So when we got up this morning, all that moisture had settled into the air reminding me of summer back home.  We don’t muggy heat like that often, but I remember it as a constant part of summer growing up in south Mississippi.  And people can’t understand why I don’t want to move back!  Still, despite that, we loaded up and we headed out on the bike. Continue reading “Spiritual Saturday – Joy in Action”

For the Love of the Gods

There is quite a bit that I would/have done for the love of my Gods.  Not to earn Their love.  I’ve never had to earn that and They’ve spent quite a bit of time pointing out the fact that I need to open my eyes and see that I am worthy – and I need to recognize that I am worthy – of love by simply being myself.  This is a lesson that was hard for me to get through my head.  My Momma always loved me without restriction – that woman has done so much to make me the person that I am. Continue reading “For the Love of the Gods”

Reminiscences and Ruminations

Have you every looked back at a part of your life – really looked – and were honest with yourself about it?  Oh, we all look back and experience deep moments of nostalgia for happy times from our past.  But so often, we look at our good times with rose-colored glasses and our bad through a tattered, bitter veil.

Continue reading “Reminiscences and Ruminations”

Twas the Night of the Solstice




I realize I’m several hours too late for this, but I wanted to share it anyway.  My poem from last year, “Twas the Night of the Solstice.”  This year there were more of us together, but it passed just as tranquilly.  Later this evening, Becca and I are going to have hot chocolate (though it feel like it’s warm enough for us to want cold chocolate) and do a little bit of fire (unless it keeps raining).  We’re going to celebrate what is currently recognized as the end of the year before she and her bf make the trip up to see his folks for Christmas.



So Blessed Yule/Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanza, or whatever holiday you celebrate.  May you know joy and light and good times with those you love.  May you forget the petty controversies that divide us so often in our daily lives.