Welcome 2021

Welcome to the new year.  I’ve kind of juggled what I wanted to say looking back or looking forward.  And then, you know…*gestures vaguely at fascism*  I spend time and energy doing what I can, but if I try to put some of that here, I’m very afraid that it will only sap the energy I have tried to save for this space.  I’ve enjoyed getting back into my writing at the end of this year and exploring the things I want to explore here.  So, as important as the madness that’s happening in our country and around the world, I’m not going to talk about that. Continue reading “Welcome 2021”

Polyamory and me (and him…and her)

Let’s talk about another topic that might be hard for some.  Talking about sexuality and relationship styles may not be something you’re interested in getting into, and that’s perfectly fine.  As promised last time, we do have another mead post coming up soon! Continue reading “Polyamory and me (and him…and her)”

Recentering in 2020

Hello, my beautiful goobers.  This year has been a hell of a ride for all of us, I’m sure.  And there’s still so much coming in the next few months.  And while that was happening, there’s been some stressful stuff happening around here, too.  But there has been a lot of really good things happening, too.  But it’s been hard for me to talk about those things here since a lot of what’s been going on have been parts of my life I’ve never really shared on this blog.  And what’s the point?  This blog is supposed to be about what’s important to me, so keeping such a large part of my life tucked away left me with very little to talk about.

So we’ll be having a change of pace around here.  I’ve culled a lot of my old posts and archived them.  I’m not ashamed of the path I’ve taken to bring me here, but there are things that I don’t want to see every time I come here to this space.  Many of my old religion posts are still here, as are several of my old writings.  And there will be more posts about my faith and where the spiral path is taking me now.  And there will be posts about the things we’re doing these days – like our mead experiments – that I’ll get around to eventually.

But there are topics I want to talk about that I haven’t been brave enough to address here.  Things that are important to me and who I am.  So I’ll be discussing them now.  I am a polyamorous bisexual woman.  My husband is the love of my life.  But he’s not the only love in my life.  And I’m not ashamed of the women I’ve been fortunate enough to love and be loved by.  My husband isn’t ashamed of it, either. That also ties into BDSM and my participation in that lifestyle.  I’m a Domme who has had the privilege of holding the submission of some amazing and powerful women.  I’m part of an amazing community that allows me to share my knowledge and gain more.  And it’s knowledge I’d like to share here and ideals that I’d like to explore here.

So I will.  If you are uncomfortable with these new topics, you are more than welcome to focus only on the religion/spirituality Topics, listed on the side and at the top of the page.  If you’re curious, please feel free to interact.  If I get into anything too raunchy, I’ll be tagging those with the NSFW tag.  If you find you can no longer follow this blog, then I wish you well on your travels.  I understand that not everyone wants to interact with this kind of content and hold no grudge against that.

But if you are interested in these topics, then make yourself comfortable, however that looks to you.  Consent is queen, I’m just the Domme in charge.


I hate being in pictures

I really hate being in pictures.  One, obviously, is because I’m a large woman who doesn’t like seeing how large I actually am.  But mostly it’s because I like taking pictures where I feel beautiful…but most of my pictures come out looking goofy.  Because, here’s my secret….I am goofy.  I am a ginormous goofball.  Which is awesome, because so is my hubby.  So it works for us.


Continue reading “I hate being in pictures”

Reminiscences and Ruminations

Have you every looked back at a part of your life – really looked – and were honest with yourself about it?  Oh, we all look back and experience deep moments of nostalgia for happy times from our past.  But so often, we look at our good times with rose-colored glasses and our bad through a tattered, bitter veil.

Continue reading “Reminiscences and Ruminations”

Dichotomy in my mind

I have never in my own memory been an easy person, never really been 100% comfortable in my own head and in my own skin.  I want to be closer to my family.  I want my independence so that I can be my most authentic self.  Yes, I realize those don’t have to be mutually exclusive for everyone, but my family is very strict, traditionally southern family.  The important ones are ridiculously loving, but the authentic me is pretty radically different than they are.  I am an extroverted introvert. Continue reading “Dichotomy in my mind”

Be an Explorer

Sir Joshimus and I consider ourselves explorers.  Not in the classical sense – going into the wilderness and finding something that has never been seen before.  In the sense that a lot of people can be explorers – going out into the world and finding something you’ve never seen before.  Do you know what happens when you go where you’ve never been before, particularly if you are willing to take interesting looking roads?  You get lost.  A lot.  But that’s the point.   If you don’t get lost, you can’t be found. Continue reading “Be an Explorer”