Recentering in 2020

Hello, my beautiful goobers.  This year has been a hell of a ride for all of us, I’m sure.  And there’s still so much coming in the next few months.  And while that was happening, there’s been some stressful stuff happening around here, too.  But there has been a lot of really good things happening, too.  But it’s been hard for me to talk about those things here since a lot of what’s been going on have been parts of my life I’ve never really shared on this blog.  And what’s the point?  This blog is supposed to be about what’s important to me, so keeping such a large part of my life tucked away left me with very little to talk about.

So we’ll be having a change of pace around here.  I’ve culled a lot of my old posts and archived them.  I’m not ashamed of the path I’ve taken to bring me here, but there are things that I don’t want to see every time I come here to this space.  Many of my old religion posts are still here, as are several of my old writings.  And there will be more posts about my faith and where the spiral path is taking me now.  And there will be posts about the things we’re doing these days – like our mead experiments – that I’ll get around to eventually.

But there are topics I want to talk about that I haven’t been brave enough to address here.  Things that are important to me and who I am.  So I’ll be discussing them now.  I am a polyamorous bisexual woman.  My husband is the love of my life.  But he’s not the only love in my life.  And I’m not ashamed of the women I’ve been fortunate enough to love and be loved by.  My husband isn’t ashamed of it, either. That also ties into BDSM and my participation in that lifestyle.  I’m a Domme who has had the privilege of holding the submission of some amazing and powerful women.  I’m part of an amazing community that allows me to share my knowledge and gain more.  And it’s knowledge I’d like to share here and ideals that I’d like to explore here.

So I will.  If you are uncomfortable with these new topics, you are more than welcome to focus only on the religion/spirituality Topics, listed on the side and at the top of the page.  If you’re curious, please feel free to interact.  If I get into anything too raunchy, I’ll be tagging those with the NSFW tag.  If you find you can no longer follow this blog, then I wish you well on your travels.  I understand that not everyone wants to interact with this kind of content and hold no grudge against that.

But if you are interested in these topics, then make yourself comfortable, however that looks to you.  Consent is queen, I’m just the Domme in charge.


The mead experiment

I kept saying I wasn’t going to post a blog about the mead until we’d finished it all and made all our notes about it.  But we’ve still got a little of the dry, sarsaparilla mead still left to be drunk.  But since on Sunday we started our next batch, I think now is the time. Continue reading “The mead experiment”

Dé ocus Andé – the Gods and Ungods

First I would like to welcome everyone who comes to this post – whether you are one of my familiar goobers who has returned yet again to my little corner of the internet, or if you are a new visitor who comes because of the Gaelic Roundtable.  Be ever welcome in joy and love while you are a guest in my “home”.  It’s been several months since I participated in the roundtable and I’m looking forward to getting involved once more.  This month’s discussion is – divinity. Continue reading “Dé ocus Andé – the Gods and Ungods”

Forms of Devotion

Welcome to May’s Gaelic Roundtable!  If this is your first visit to my blog, then please make yourself at home.  And if you’re returning – I’m glad as ever to have you.  This month’s topic is – devotion.

Does your Worship include Devotional acts? If not, why not? If so, why? Who is the common object of these Devotionals- or who do you find yourself performing them for the most often? Do they have a structure, or is it whatever feels right? Do you record these devotionals? What acts do they usually include? How often do you practice them? Is it daily? Weekly? Whenever the fancy strikes?

Devotion tends to fall into that category with “worship” for me.  I practice acts of devotion but because it doesn’t look like what I was raised with, I sometimes have trouble recognizing it as such.  When I first read the prompt for this month, much like last month, my initial reaction was, “well, I don’t really do that.” Continue reading “Forms of Devotion”

Worship, Honor, Reverence, Remembrance

Welcome back everyone for this month’s Roundtable! This month’s topic is one that is actually a little hard for me, for a variety of reasons – worship.

Which Gaelic Gods do you Worship? Do you worship your Ancestors or otherwise participate in Ancestor Veneration and related practices? What about the Gaelic Heroes? The Fae? How long have you Worshiped them? Who came first? Last? Second? How did you establish your relationships with them, and how important is that relationship to you? How integral is that relationship to your spirituality? Your religion? Your every day life?

This post has taken me all month to write.  In fact, the first version of this was written on April 6th.  Of all the things that I can talk about – at length – when it comes to my faith and my Gods, worship is one of the hardest for me.  Worship was defined for me originally by the southern Baptist church and then by the eclectic, Wiccanite community I was part of in my late teens; and what I have now, the shape of my faith and my practice, looks nothing like those forms of worship. Continue reading “Worship, Honor, Reverence, Remembrance”

Journeys and greetings

I would like to welcome The Gaelic Roundtable and those who have found their way here! To those who put in the time and energy to get this together, thank you for including me.

This month’s topic is one that I love to talk about here, in many ways: journeys.  The husband and I love to travel – to just get on the road and ride – and it fulfills us in very spiritual ways.  I’ve traveled further with him than with anyone else in my life – and I literally flew across an ocean with my best friend.  And I’m a traveler of a spiral path as an Irish polytheist, and it’s the spiritual journey that is the focus of our topic this month. Continue reading “Journeys and greetings”

Spiritual Saturday

Recently I was sitting with my best friend and we were having a discussion that led to her speaking about her beliefs.  And they sounded so very familiar – something I used to believe, or at least used to espouse believing because it was what I thought I was supposed to say.  But since Manannan, Brighid, and Lir have come into my life, my outlook on the Gods and the nature of Godhead has changed so drastically. Continue reading “Spiritual Saturday”