Welcome 2021

Welcome to the new year.  I’ve kind of juggled what I wanted to say looking back or looking forward.  And then, you know…*gestures vaguely at fascism*  I spend time and energy doing what I can, but if I try to put some of that here, I’m very afraid that it will only sap the energy I have tried to save for this space.  I’ve enjoyed getting back into my writing at the end of this year and exploring the things I want to explore here.  So, as important as the madness that’s happening in our country and around the world, I’m not going to talk about that.

Instead, I’m going to be continuing in 2021 with what I started at the end of last year.  Talking about relationships and BDSM and mead and – again – talking about my faith.  And maybe I’ll start talking about mental health again.  At least in so much as to encourage you lovely goobers to seek out help when you need it.  I took that step again this past weekend and I got the phone call yesterday that puts me back on track.  I’ll be speaking to my new therapist (telemed, so still safety conscious) and start on the path of managing my ADHD and beat this Major Depression Disorder back.  I’ve come so far in the last three years, but I know that with the right path forward – and possibly the right medication – I can do even better.

Now that I’ve laid some foundation work for explaining BDSM and my place within that community, I’m ready to start branching out into talking about some topics that I’ve had the pleasure of discussing with the amazing community that I was lucky enough to be a part of on SecondLife for a while.  So any of my friends from that realm that find yourselves here, I’m sure some of these topics will be familiar.  While I hope the input from these amazing people has better shaped my understand and appreciation of these topics, the only personal experiences I’ll be sharing will be my own.

We will have a mead update…eventually.  We’ve been busy (distracted) a bit lately, so we haven’t really done much with the batches we’ve got going.  While I imagine that the primary fermentation has finished on them all, they’re still sealed with their air locks so should be fine.  As soon as we pull those, I’ll be sure to update y’all.  We also have received the supplies to start some new batches – including a new root beer as well as some flowery blends.  I’m really stoked to try our hand at a lavender/heather mead!

Also coming soon, I’m going to start exploring leather working again.  I’ve got some supplies headed my way including some skirting leather.  I imagine the first things I make won’t be very impressive, but I have a lot of ideas and – hopefully – the drive to explore them.  Whether or not they make an appearance on this blog remains to be seen

The start of 2021 also marks us passing the halfway point of the hubby’s apprenticeship.  It’s both exciting and a little nervy.  We’re starting to make plans that pertain to that future ending point.  We still have plenty of time and we’re steadily whittling away the debt we have remaining that we want to be clear of before we leave, since we’ll be picking up two new, big debts in the purchase of a new truck and our rig (rv).  We’ve pretty much settled on the truck and are looking to possibly pick that up as early as this year (!) but we’re not going to seriously start looking into the rigs until 2023.

We are already starting to make plans for where we’re going to go – or where we want to go, economy and climate allowing.  Our long term plan is to try and hit all lower 48 states – but not for him to necessarily work in 48.  But that’s about the extent of those plans for now.  We have plenty of time to dream.

So in the meantime, we’re going to chase hope.  We’re both pursuing things that bring us joy individually, and as a couple.  As we move through this, I hope y’all will keep coming along with us on this spiral journey.  Please, feel free to chat in my comments section (first comment pending approval) and ask your questions and share the ways you’re pursuing joy in your own lives this year.

Please, let me know what you think!

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