Happy Anniversaries

As I posted on my person Facebook page earlier, eleven years ago today, I married my best friend.  We’ve been together for 13½ years and every single day, every single year, gets better and is just as important to us.  Last year, I didn’t even mention that it was our ten-year anniversary, even though that’s a major milestone, and one that meant a lot to us to reach.  But, as I did talk about last year, there was a lot going on last March.

A year ago Wednesday, Sir Joshimus started working through the union at the power plant.  A year since he left Walmart and the hell of it that was dragging him down.  Since then he’s worked for a not-great company, under a not-great boss that makes the job harder than it has to be.  But the difference in his joy is breathtaking.  Because while he occasionally has bad days, he’s still loving what he’s doing.  He’s still at the power plant, for now – though we’re expecting that job to finish out within the next month or so (but then, we’ve thought that before!).

So last year, we lost our day together for our anniversary, as Josh had to work.  But we’ve made up for it this year.  This year, we’re in a much better place – though I won’t deny it’s still been a struggle off and on.  And this year, Sir Joshimus was off work so that we could take this day together to celebrate us and the family we’ve created.  We did that by going to Shoal Creek Park, which opened two weeks ago here in our town.  It was a beautiful, bright day!

We walked a short way through the old plantation field turned city park, along Shoal Creek until we found two different places where we could get down to the water.  And Salem discovered that not only was water not scary, it could be a lot of fun!  It was so much fun to watch her splash and play in the creek and zoom along the rocks along the shore.  I’m looking forward to spending more time out there and to the new paths and bridges that the city is planning on putting up to expand the park’s trails.

This was an amazing day, followed up with a lovely dinner, with my best friend and the best doggo in our world.  We celebrated not only our marriage and our family, but Josh’s first year of being a part of the union.  He’ll finish his first year of schooling in June and will be officially sworn into the union some time after that (we’ll find out by the end of the school year).  It’s been a good year.  It’s been a good 11 years.  And for both, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Wishing you and yours as much joy as we have made, and many beautiful years ahead.


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