The first milestone reached!

Those on my social media have already seen the news, but I’m going to share it here as well.  Sir Joshimus received his acceptance letter into the apprenticeship program!  And he got it on Friday, before my birthday on Saturday, and I’ll take it as an amazing birthday present for both of us.  Josh took off for my birthday since they’re currently doing 7-11s at the steam plant (7 days a week, 11 hours a day) and we spent the day looking at each other and just grinning.

You saw the title of this blog, the acceptance letter isn’t the beginning here.  Some might see it that way; but in reality, we started on this path in March when Josh submitted his application and got his first call to work.  He officially began working through the union and their pre-apprentice program on March 27th.  Over the last few months, it’s been small steps  – his OSHA classes, his assessment test, and his interview.

And then the waiting.  The endless waiting. I never doubted; there was a sense of rightness around the entire experience that held doubt at bay.  But the anticipation of confirmation was enough to make my skin crawl.  Not every moment.  Not constantly.  But there would be a moment in every single day – usually when we checked the mail – where the tension was a physical sensation.  This is our future, the shape of our future, and we cannot deny the fact that a part of that future rests solidly in the collective hands of a group of people we don’t know.

But the wait is over. And the glorious, giddy rush of relief has – mostly – faded into a contented peace.  Despite the 7-11s, Josh is still loving his job.  He’s not really happy with the company he’s currently contracted under – they are nothing compared to the company he was originally working under (on the same job/site).  But even his displeasure with how some things are being done, he still loves what he’s doing.  And that is a huge relief for me.  I couldn’t do the work.  I’m constantly checking in with him on his happiness and satisfaction with how things are going because I won’t allow him to stagnate in a job with a company that he hates again.  Not for me, again.

On August 20th, he has his orientation – and is apparently getting a laptop for very cheap (relatively speaking).  And then he’ll start classes on September 10th.  I’m a little worried about him going through shutdown and starting class at the same time, but I believe in him.  And since it’s a five-year track, he will be a journeyman wireman in the spring of 2023!  While we may very well become a bit of ramblers before then, depending on where Josh is working, come 2023, we’re planning on going fully nomadic.  And we’re both stoked.

For our family, we will be maintaining a PO Box once we hit the road and will make that available to y’all.

Next steps?  Other than going through the steps of class and work for Sir Joshimus, I’ll be going back to my doctor once our health insurance kicks in.  Though we won’t have dental or vision yet, we’ll both be getting our eyes checked, too.  And since Salem will also be going to the doctor at the end of the month, August will be the month of doctor visits.  We’re incredibly grateful to the union for the opportunity for us to be able to take care of all of this (and get a new bed finally!).  And once shutdown finishes, we’re going to take some time to go on an adventure.  I’m itching to explore.


As always and ever, my darling goobers, thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and

Please, let me know what you think!

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