Update and Wait!

So I’ve been trying to get out of my waiting mindset that I had fallen into over the last few years.  And though the blog hasn’t much reflected that, I have been doing better.  Some, anyway.  I’m still really excited about the things that are coming in our near future, but I’ve been working to enjoy the time we’ve got now and the crazy adventure we’re having already.  So where are we?

We’re waiting to hear back from the union to find out if Josh will be starting classes this fall for his apprenticeship.  We both feel like he will – he’s charming enough and he felt like his interview went well, he did well on his assessment test, and the JWs (journeymen wiremen) he’s been working under have all had good things to say about him and his work ethic.  They will be/have been deliberating this week and we should be getting his letter within the next two weeks.  I’m hoping it gets here by next Saturday for my birthday!

Right now we’re doing our best (not very well) to shuck money into savings so that when his current job ends – likely sometime between August and September – we’ll have the money to hang on until his next job starts. He’s doing seven days this week and if they don’t stay on 7 days next week, they will start it up by August 19th for shutdown.  After shutdown is when this contract will end.  But then he’ll go back onto the work list, so hopefully he won’t be out long.  We’re keeping a positive outlook on this being a fairly smooth transition.  And going forward, these breaks between jobs will get easier and less stressful.

On other fronts, Salem graduated from her advanced obedience class!  The idea is that we will be taking the Canine Good Citizen test with the AKC.  And we will.  But we all need a little bit more work on leash walking before we take the test.  To help with that, we’ve started doing better about taking her to the dog park.  She’s making friends there…kind of.  She likes when the other dogs roughhouse – with each other!  She likes to run up to them and then run past, though a few of the ones we’ve encountered several times are starting to get her playing, too.

She has discovered her voice now, well and truly, and makes herself heard often.  Part of me is elated that she has come out of her shell into the amazing, confident dog she is now.  And the ear part of me just winces in pain when she barks right in my ear.  She’s kind of an asshole in the bark category, but she’s our asshole, so I guess we can’t complain too much.

And me?  Well, I’m here.  I’ve struggled with my depression some this year, though I’m doing good right now as I type this.  It’s been a frustrating realization that my depression isn’t dependent on things like stress and unhappiness like it is for so many.  Even knowing and understanding my illness, I still want to believe those posts that cycle around telling you that you don’t need medication, just to make your situation better! I am hoping that once I can start seeing my therapist again and can get started on medication, the ADHD medication we were talking about will be enough to control my depression and anxiety, as well. But that’s still for down the road.  For now, I’m trying to appreciate the good days that I have, sleep when I can, and stay positive no matter what.

Josh getting involved with the IBEW apprenticeship has been the best thing for all of us.  While I do wish we could have found this for him sooner, I accept that we had to wait until the right time for everything to fall into place.  We weren’t ready to make a five-year commitment to stay here, even though we’ve now been here for nearly 8 (next month!) because we were still convinced that Walmart would get us where we wanted to be.  And that we wanted to settle down somewhere.  But the realization that we’re going to be able to be nomadic and have stable health care and a fairly stable job that fulfills and pleases Joshimus (because it will all be through the union) has been a relief and a thrill for both of us.  Maybe one day we’ll settle down in our mountains.  In the meantime, we’ll spend time there, and travel the rest of this country.

That’s all I’ve got for now, you beautiful goobers.  Have a great day, take time to live in this moment, and


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