When it rains…

On Thursday night, one of our neighbors back into our car, denting the fender and scratching it all to hell.  We weren’t in the car when it happened, so we’re both fine, and Eddie Mae was still able to be driven.  Ish.  But I’ll get to that.  We contacted our insurance and gave them the neighbor’s insurance information and waited through the weekend (we had a weekend!!) to hear back from them as to what our next steps needed to be.

I’m not going to lie, as small as it seems now, I spent all weekend stressing about it.  About where we’d get the money to cover the repair, along with the things we need to pick up for Josh’s new job (not least, a new pair of steel-toed boots and some work shirts).  About being without our car for upwards of three days.  And about the simple fact that nothing seems to go right, but something else goes wrong.  And then on Monday morning, I get a call from our insurance to inform me that the information we were given was for an old policy she no longer had.  Which kind of made everything…snap.  I did something I’m not proud of and threw a small temper tantrum on Facebook.  I’ve since deleted the post, because that’s not who I want to be.  But I try to be honest about my failings, even as I try to improve myself.

I have some really amazing people in my life who stepped up and reached out to me and really helped make a bad day so much better.  It was humbling and uplifting and exactly what I needed.  And then Sir Joshimus came home and talked to our neighbor again and got the correct information.  I haven’t heard back from our insurance, so I’m assuming that the information this time was correct.  And even better news, the dent popped itself out.  So when we go check with body shops, that’s one less thing that needs doing for a (hopefully) much cheaper solution to our problem.

So why haven’t I taken the truck to at least get some estimates?  That’s because it wouldn’t start.  No surprise, my stress level shot back through the roof.  To the point where it nearly overshadowed the fact that we learned Sir Joshimus will be earning overtime daily rather than weekly, and he’s getting more an hour than we thought he was.  Ever day we’re getting more and more good news about this new job.  And then more and more things are going wrong that will require more money.

But I got up this morning, found our warranty packet from when we bought our car and found that they cover everything but the wheels – including towing.  So I call our local shop that takes care of Eddie Mae – and took care of the Jimmy (13) before her demise.  They connect me to a nice old gentleman who came and towed the car to the shop.  And within less than an hour I hear back.  The car started right up for them, no problem….

I mean, I’m so very glad that it’s okay and can’t wait for Sir Joshimus to get home from work so we can run pick her up.  But…ugh.  So rude.  -_-

But it’s okay.  I’m okay.  We’re okay.  Things are working out.  But, man, I’m ready for the stresses of this month to be over with, lol!  I’m ready to settle into our new normal for a bit.  I like change, except having to go through the process of it.  Yes, I know how silly that is.  And I’m trying to work on being silly about things like that.  But then, if I’m too perfect, where the fun in that, right?

Positive thoughts and…


2 thoughts on “When it rains…

  1. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and ask one question: “At the end of the day, does it really matter?”. At least that’s what helps me when the small things get too large. Wishing you a better week!

    • I try. Because of my anxiety, it gets away from me sometimes. But the week has already gotten better. Car is in the shop, deductible reimbursement in the bank, and anxiety back to a manageable level. 💜

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