Dé ocus Andé – the Gods and Ungods

First I would like to welcome everyone who comes to this post – whether you are one of my familiar goobers who has returned yet again to my little corner of the internet, or if you are a new visitor who comes because of the Gaelic Roundtable.  Be ever welcome in joy and love while you are a guest in my “home”.  It’s been several months since I participated in the roundtable and I’m looking forward to getting involved once more.  This month’s discussion is – divinity.

Who do believe are the Deities of the Irish Pantheon? How do you believe that they gained their Divine status? Were they always Gods- or did they become them? Or do you view them as traditional Gods at all? Are there other “categories” that you believe exist- such a “demons” or Demigods? How does your view of Gaelic Divinity differ from traditional views of Divinity such as what is found in the Hindu, Greek, or Abrahamic faiths?

We live in a world filled with spirits, the living hearts of the earth, rivers, and plants; with the fae, beings that are both of this world and yet completely alien to it; our ancestors, who have led the way and continue to advise us, if we’ll just but listen; and Gods, those whose skill, power, or sheer force of will has placed them at a level beyond what we mere mortals have achieved.  They are Dé ocus Andé – the Gods and Ungods.

Now there are some that will argue the small points of this, grouping these differently than I have.  Some see spirits and fae as the same or at least similar enough.  Some see the ancestors and spirits or fae or both.  And depending on how you worship, the Gods can be all of these or none.  And, honestly, it’s one of the greatest parts of our faith, the ability to learn who They are to you, Their importance in your life, and how you wish to build those relationships.

So who are the Gods? The Tuatha Dé and Their friends and allies are the Gods.  Their powers and skills have given shape to the world we live in, affecting not only Their own lives, but affecting life throughout the ages, across the spectrum of the spirits and fae and our ancestors and ourselves. They are, by and large, more vast than we will ever understand.  We can have relationships with Them that bring Them down into a form that is easier for us to understand and connect with, but we will ever only see a small portion of who and what They truly are, because we – in this current form – lack the ability to truly understand the whole of Them.

I talk very familiarly of the Gods that I have a close relationship to, who I honor and work for and with.  I recently had someone comment on one of my posts on Tumblr that the Gods of the diaspora (those of us who live outside of Ireland) seem completely different than those in Ireland.  But for myself, I speak of my Gods familiarly because that allows me to feel more close to Them.

Please, let me know what you think!

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