Welcome to 2017!

So it’s been really quiet over here on the Spiral Charmed blog, but I promise we’re still here and we’re still chugging along.  And 2017 is set to be an exciting year for Sir Joshimus and I.  I’ve talked off and on about our ultimate goal – rural living in the mountains of North Carolina.  When we first got to Alabama, we thought it would be a year or two before we made it up.

It’s been six years.  In that time we helped my best friend move from our hometown and into the apartment next door.  Our truck died.  We bought a scooter.  We’ve acquired debt, and we’ve struggled to pay it off.  And our plan was pushed back.  But getting to the mountains has remained our next step along that path.

2017 is the year!  And it’s also time to buy a new (to us) vehicle.  We have most of our savings ready for the move, so Sir Joshimus has begun the search for a position with a store in the area that we’re looking for.  Depending on how much help we’ll get with the move, we’ll also be using part of that savings to pay down our credit card debt.  By next summer, our auto loan will be our only debt and we’ll be able to start saving for and searching for a piece of land to finally settle.

I’ve already started packing.  I haven’t accomplished as much as I had planned to by now, but I’ve at least started.  More importantly, I’ve started throwing out and donating things we don’t need.  I would love to downsize when we move, but I’ll take whatever we can get so long as it’s a house and we can have a dog – and it’s within our budget!  Because our budget is king, and how we’ve managed everything that we’ve managed.

Of course, we have plans once we get to North Carolina – getting a dog, finding or creating a group of like-minded spiritualists, possibly finding a new job, maybe getting chickens or ducks, building our savings, and finding that piece of land that will finally be home.  And there are further goals for once we get settled on that piece of land – horses and passive solar building and energy independence.  But those are five to ten years down the road before we will be focusing on those goals.

But I can still dream.

There are so many fears for the year ahead and there are struggles that I’ll take my place in for the benefit of others.  But the boundless optimism that has carried me this far is buoyed by the arrival of this new year and the chances that are laid out for us.  And I hope that, whatever you are facing, you can look forward to the year ahead and find something to be hopeful for, as well.


BB Lea Sig Purp

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