Year in review

I know that it’s already well into Februrary, but I guess better late than never.  Our year ended much the way the year had progressed – a slow series of goals reached to move us to our ultimate goal.  The biggest of those was probably getting Buttercup paid for a full eight months (I think) early.  Not a huge deal, but huge for us.  There are still stumbling blocks in our way, but we’re handling them one step at a time.

There were not great things last year – not least of which was dealing with the realizations that none of our parents think very much of us as adults and individuals and coming to terms with the fact that we’re okay with that.  Our plans don’t match up with what they all want for us, and likely never will entirely, and that’s okay.  We don’t currently have a lot of spare money to go and do things that others want to do, but that’s because we are so focused on our own plans that we aren’t making much room for what others want from us.

I also had an issue with my health at the end of last year, into the beginning of this year.  I haven’t gotten off my bum to make a doctor’s appointment yet, but I am finally in a place where I can. Suffice to say, for now, that I am okay and am planning on making that appointment.  I just have to push myself beyond the (much earned) distrust of doctors in order to do it.

But that’s looking back.  Looking forward, we’re currently on point to move this year.  We’ve already started saving and our income tax return – which should be in any day now – will be going straight into the savings account.  We’re behind where I wanted to be by now, but with another raise in Sir Joshimus’s near future I’m hoping we’ll quickly get back on track.  Our goal is to have $3000 in savings before Joshimus Rex puts in for the transfer and we will utilize every available assistance from Wal-mart to make our move.  There are approximately ten-twelve stores in our target region, so we’re both hopeful that as soon as we’re ready, he will be able to find a position quickly.  And I have faith in not only his work ethic but his charisma to see that he gets the job he wants and gets the pay he more than deserves for all his hard work.

We’re both excited about what’s to come – so much so that even my depression and anxiety – ever my companions when I’m making plans for our future – cannot overwhelm my innate optimism when it comes to this move.  It’s going to be hard – we’re going to a town where we know no one, where we have no one physically there to help us when we get in a bind.  But we’ll have family near-enough by – if not for help with a place to live while we get sorted, then at least for moral support and hugs and wine when we get stressed.  And it’s a new adventure.

Sometimes people ask us how we can just up and leave, how we can plan to go somewhere we’ve never lived before and try to make it.  And the answer is complex, and yet simple.  We’re looking for home.  I haven’t felt the comfort of home since I was a young girl and the house I was living in became my prison rather than my safety.  Sir Joshimus has never really known a home of his own, not really.  It was always the place to make do or the family home.  We have found home in one another – which makes it easy to pick up the things we own and change their geographic location.  All in search of a physical place that we can look at and say, “yes, this home.”  And, for the girl whose parents still live in the same house they bought just before I turned three – I’ve already made the biggest, scariest move of my life when I left my hometown nearly eight years ago.  If I can do that and not end up back there again, I can do anything.  And I can only do it with Sir Joshimus Rex by my side.

So here’s to a bright and prosperous new year.  For ourselves and for each of you.

BB Lea Sig Purp

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