The year is winding down

The official start of fall is a little more than a week away and we can use the relief.  We only had a few weeks with temps in the 90s this year – and that’s a relief from back home where there were several weeks of temps above 100.  Have I mentioned that there is no way I’m moving further south ever again?  Anyway, importantly, the cooling trend has begun here with us expecting our first day with highs in the 70s this weekend.  Can you hear my relief?  Because it’s there.  And with the end of summer come the end of the year and Samhain.

Yes, the end of the year is technically December, but the end of my year has been Samhain for several years now.  It’s not a big change – I still celebrate New Years Eve and all that – it’s simply a change in the way I think of things.  Winter – even mild winters like we mostly have here in central Alabama – is a time of resting and preparing.  This year this is especially true as we are going to be kicking into high gear getting ready for our move next summer.  We’ll pay off Buttercup in December or January, Sir Joshimus will hopefully be getting a helpful pay bump in December, I’ll be doing yet another home purge, and I’ll begin ferreting away every spare dollar into our savings account.

Last year for Samhain I didn’t do anything.  Like, I barely made feast/supper, and it wasn’t much of a feast.  This year, I have every intention of having ritual – however big or small – as a polytheist and as a witch.  I’m setting my intentions for this time between Samhain and Beltain so that by Beltain Sir Joshimus can put in for a transfer to one of the towns we’re looking at moving to.  We aren’t too picky at the moment, any store that will take him and get us into the mountains.  But that’s getting ahead of ourselves, and I don’t want to do that.  I want to focus on the now and what I have to do today.  I want to spend more time on my path and practice, as well.  This is something I’ve talked about plenty over the last few years, but this is another intention I want to focus on.  I’m finally beginning to get the lessons that have been laid on me, particularly now that it seems Manannan and Brighid have taken up the mantle of teaching me.

I’ve been in a fog for much of this year and I finally reached the culmination of that with the letter to my father.  There will be tough days ahead, as I’m sure there will be at least one visit this fall for football, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  And I will see him, because I won’t miss a chance to spend time with my sister and my nephew.  But I will have strength, because my Gods teach me to be strong.  I will have courage, because They teach me to be courageous.  And I will have empathy and gentleness for myself, whatever the outcome, because They teach me those valuable lessons, as well.

I’m ready for a time of learning once more in my life.  I’m considering Druid training through a grove that has an Irish polytheist focus and has online courses.  Money will be the biggest challenge in that (because savings!!!), but it is something that I have been drawn to for some time now.  Message finally received!  For now, I hope you all are experiencing the beauty of a reverse blooming and the peace that should come with the closing of the year.


BB Lea Sig Purp

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