Really, What I Need To Say

This is wonderfully well said. I always find myself torn between the world of those who are randomly grabbing traits to throw under the banner of a Deity and those who criticize anyone who thinks anything even remotely different about a Deity than they do. So, unless I am didn’t asked or someone is sitting something dangerous, I mostly keep my mouth shut. But this bit is important. You can say no! I was claimed by a God and a Goddess – adopted, as it were, as Their own. (No, they are not a couple; the familial relationship I have with each is independent I’d the other.) But, it was a “We will always watch over you”, no commitment needed kind of claiming. It was entirely my choice, honor, and pleasure to return a promise to Them.

So if a person tells you that you have no choice in a relationship with a Deity, suspect everything that person says. Even Christians poach free will.

Magick From Scratch

I really, really, really do not want to be blogging about astral experiences, especially not my own. I need to get a story off my chest. I hope I only have to do this once.

Polytheist Clergy fucked me. Listening to their advice, and following their lead, fucked me. It fucked up my relationship with Dionysos. It fucked up my relationship with Ariadne. It fucked up my relationship with Artemis. It nearly fucked up my relationship with Hermes, too.

No one meant badly. These aren’t bad people. They were just people who had a fucked up way of dealing with deities, and divine relationships are infectious. Their relationship with deity was a disease, and I caught it.

From October to March of a particular year, I was doing a thing with Dionysos. I was young, I was seeking, and I set up an altar to him in my bedroom which…

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